Five Times the Hogwarts Library Helped Hermione Save the Day

Hermione Granger is undisputedly the brightest witch of her generation. However, she had plenty of help along the way in the form of books from the Hogwarts library. In honor of Library Lovers’ Day, here are five times Hermione made fantastic use of the library to unravel one of the mysteries plaguing the trio at the time.


Sorcerer’s Stone



‘I never thought to look in here!’ she whispered excitedly. ‘I got this out of the library weeks ago for a bit of light reading.’
Light?’ said Ron, but Hermione told him to be quiet until she’d looked something up, and started flicking frantically through the pages, muttering to herself.
At last she found what she was looking for.
‘I knew it! I knew it!’
‘Are we allowed to speak yet?’ said Ron grumpily. Hermione ignored him.
‘Nicolas Flamel,’ she whispered dramatically, ‘is the only known maker of the Sorcerer’s Stone!’” (SS 219)

It may have taken the trio a few weeks and numerous false starts, but eventually, Hermione managed to figure out who Nicholas Flamel was and his connection to the object Fluffy was guarding. Had Hermione not found that information, they would never have discovered what was hidden in the school.


Polyjuice Potion



But getting hold of the [Polyjuice Potion] recipe will be very difficult. Snape said it was in a book called Moste Potente Potions and it’s bound to be in the Restricted Section of the library.” (CoS 160)

Once again, Hermione used the library’s resources – this time to brew an incredibly complicated potion, which helped rule Draco out as a suspect and gave them a clue to the location of the Chamber.


The Basilisk



‘The voice!’ said Harry, looking over his shoulder. ‘I just heard it again — didn’t you?’
Ron shook his head, wide-eyed. Hermione, however, clapped a hand to her forehead.
‘Harry — I think I’ve just understood something! I’ve got to go to the library!’” (CoS 254-5)

Harry’s words sparked Hermione’s memory, and turning to a book, she was able to figure out what the creature in the Chamber of Secrets really was. Not only was she the first one to do this, but she also managed to give that information to the boys while Petrified. Who knows how long it would have taken Harry and Ron to realize what was really happening otherwise?


Rita Skeeter’s Secret



‘I’ve had an idea,’ Hermione said, gazing into space. ‘I think I know… because then no one would be able to see… even Moody… and she’d have been able to get onto the window ledge… but she’s not allowed… she’s definitely not allowed… I think we’ve got her! Just give me two seconds in the library — just to make sure!” (GoF 614)

While learning how Rita Skeeter managed to eavesdrop on private conversations for her stories wasn’t the largest plot point in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it was still an intriguing one. Luckily, Hermione paid attention to McGonagall and had her beloved library to help figure out Rita’s secret.


Horcrux Destruction



‘It — it wasn’t stealing!’ said Hermione, looking from Harry to Ron with a kind of desperation. ‘They were still library books, even if Dumbledore had taken them off the shelves. Anyway, if he really didn’t want anyone to get at them, I’m sure he would have made it much harder to — ‘” (DH 101)

Technically, Hermione didn’t go to the library to figure this out, but she did use books that once belonged to the library, so I’m including it in my list. All it took was a simple Summoning Charm, and the trio had all the knowledge they needed to destroy the Horcruxes – and Voldemort – for good.

What is your favorite Hermione moment? Let us know in the comments!


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