CC #451: Week of July 11, 2021

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Harry: “Draw faster, Mr. Lovegood. I can’t let Hermione beat me at Pictionary again!”

Xenophilius: “A seven-letter word meaning ‘held against your will.'”
Harry: “‘Enslave’?”
Hermione: “Can’t be. The second letter is an O. It has to be ‘hostage.'”
Xenophilius: “It fits! Now then, a 15-letter word meaning ‘stalling for time.'”

Harry: “Huh, didn’t expect Xenophilius to dot his i’s with hearts.”

Daniel Radcliffe: “You’re not spelling my name right.”
Rhys Ifans: “I’m Welsh. We don’t do vowels.”
—Friend of Fawkes

“There! I’ve filled out subscriptions to the Quibbler for all three of you! You’re welcome!”
—Carol P.

Xenophilius: “It’s my job to print the stories that the mainstream media is ignoring.”
Harry: “Yes, but you’ve got to stop it with the anti-vaxxer propaganda!”

Xenophilius: “Here is the Elder Wand. The Cloak of Invisibility. The Resurrection Stone. The Fuzzy Slippers of Harry Styles. Together, these make up the Deathly Hallows.”

Ron: “Hey, that looks like a pepperoni pizza.”
Hermione: “No, it does not. It looks like an ice cream cone.”

Harry: “Look, we’re in kind of a hurry right now. Will you help us after you’re done with your screenplay?”
Xenophilius: “Maybe.”

Xenophilius: “Here are the ingredients to my tea, if you need to give them to the poison ward at St. Mungo’s.”

Xenophilius: “You see, it’s spelled X-E-N-O-P-H-I-L-I-U-S. Xenophilius!”
Hermione: “You lost me at H.”
Harry: “You lost me at O.”
Ron: “You lost me when you inhaled to start speaking.”

The trio thought Xenophilius had lost it when, after drawing the Resurrection Stone, he sneezed on the parchment and said that it was a part of it and the drops were all the dead people to have come out of the stone.

Harry: “He says he’ll help us once he’s done with his Reylo fanfic.”
Hermione: “Honestly, I always said that ship was trouble!”

“…and that’s what a Crumple-Horned Snorkack looks like.”

Harry: “L.”
Xenophilius: “Sorry, no L. You lose Hangman.”

As Hermione wasn’t that important in the scene, she didn’t get to be under any light.

“Not now. I’m hard at work on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 2, in which Neville becomes a Death Eater because he got a paper cut one time.”

“Here’s my number. Call me, maybe.”

After an unsuccessful lemonade-selling business, Mr. Lovegood takes on making people self-portraits to raise awareness against Nargles.





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