12 Reasons Why You Should Spend Summer at the Burrow

We might already be more than halfway through the summer holidays, but there’s still plenty of time to make the most of your summer before the next term begins at Hogwarts. From traveling to Sweden to look for Crumple-Horned Snorkacks to doing that Ministry of Magic summer internship that you may or may not return from, there will never be a dull moment. However, in my opinion, spending your summer at the Burrow is the best way to spend the summer, and here’s why.

1. Never have to cook again. I’m not sure about you, but cooking after a long day of playing Quidditch is not something I enjoy. But summer at the Burrow would involve every meal being made by Molly Weasley. Anything made by Molly would not only taste amazing but would be made with love, and those are the best types of meals. 

2. Arthur Weasley would think you are a genius. Coming from the Muggle world, you would have a wealth of knowledge, from knowing how electricity works to the exact function of a rubber duck, and because of this, Arthur would absolutely adore you. Just be prepared to answer all of the many questions that he might have at the breakfast table.

3. As an extremely nosy person who always needs to know all of the gossip, I think the Burrow would be the best place to get all the inside details from the trio about all their adventures.

4. I don’t know about you, but I love dragons. Who doesn’t? And with Charlie working with dragons, he’s bound to have some fascinating stories that he would definitely share with you. In fact, he might even have some stories about a certain dragon that was smuggled out of Hogwarts one night.

5. Whether you love to play Quidditch or simply avoid any rogue Bludgers from the sidelines, you’re sure to have a fun-filled summer at the Burrow. From playing Quidditch with the Weasleys themselves to maybe even a trip to the Quidditch World Cup final, you’re sure to have a summer to remember.

6. Just like Charlie, Bill is the cooler older brother who has an amazing job (being a Curse Breaker), and just like Charlie, he’s bound to have many fascinating stories about all the adventures that he’s had with his job. Just hope that on any trips you take, Fred and George don’t try to lock you in a pyramid.

7. Unlike in some other houses, you are always going to be welcome at the Burrow. Whether it’s for a wedding, Christmas, or just some tea and sympathy, there’s always going to be a space for you at the Burrow, even if the table has to be moved outside to seat everybody.

8. Everybody’s favorite duo is Fred and George, and there would never be a dull day at the Burrow with these two involved. Whether it’s to do with Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes or just one of their regular pranks, you know there will always be fun to be had.

9. Politics and policy really aren’t my thing, but if you want to discuss how thick the bottom of cauldrons should be and flying carpet legislation, then I’m sure Percy would love to have that conversation with you.

10. Life isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes you have chores, and they’re not always the most exciting thing to do. But at the Burrow, chores won’t be as bad as you think they will be. In my opinion, de-gnoming the garden would be fun – the Weasleys make it a competition, after all, and it’s one of the chores I wouldn’t mind doing myself, personally.

11. Some people have dogs. Some people have cats. The Weasleys have a ghoul in their attic, and though some may find this annoying when the pipes start groaning, to me, it only adds to the magic of the Burrow. 

12. No matter what happens, you’ll have many fantastic memories and stories to tell about your time at the Burrow.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to pack my bags right now and spend the rest of my summer holidays at the Burrow.


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Jessica Thompson

Somehow, despite reading the Chamber of Secrets and Goblet of Fire books first, I still became a huge Harry Potter fan and fifteen years later I am still crying over the books on a daily basis. Writing and sharing my love for all things Potter is a dream come true.