“Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” Dragons and Bad Omens

August has been a busy month for fans of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. We were lucky to receive 175 free energy in-game this past week, and we definitely needed it to get caught up on everything since the last update. From saving the Hippogriff Club to befriending dragons, our characters are continuing to make a name for themselves as Hogwarts heroes. Let’s get into some of the fun stuff our characters have been doing.

One of the latest special adventures had us picking up the pieces (literally) after Barnaby received a bad omen during a cartomancy prediction. Professor Kettleburn entrusted us along with Liz to care for Squawk, a baby Occamy. Squawk soon proves to be quite the escape artist. After disappearing and searching all across Hogwarts, torn parchment and Occamy feathers are found in the courtyard. After research and reaching out to teachers and peers, we finally find Squawk and now our attention is solely on the torn pages found and what mystery lies within. We find out that Barnaby’s card reading did indeed predict the future, but not in the way anyone imagined.



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Squawk is safe and back with Professor Kettleburn, but there’s no rest for us when it comes to magical creatures. Hagrid has a quest for us, and we might need some Felix Felicis to get our courage up to par. A Hebridean Black dragon has been captured by a Quidditch team who wants the creature as their mascot. Our characters are always up for a little bit of danger, and it’s a chance to adopt another magical creature. Do we have what it takes to get the dragon back to its rightful owner?



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After helping everyone else out, it’s time for us to get back on track with our plans and focus on finishing up our seventh year at Hogwarts. Our last update had our characters facing problems from the past, and this chapter starts out with us having to face that issue. What else do you think is in store for our characters and everyone else at Hogwarts while “R” is still at large?

Have you completed the Chocolate Frog collections or earned the Bright ‘n’ Sunny outfit? If you haven’t, there’s still time to get that done this month – go claim your free energy if you haven’t, and let us know what your character is up to in the comments.


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