CC #454: Week of August 22, 2021

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Ron: “Are you really mad at me?”
Hermione: “You see that smoke? That’s your favorite broom on fire.”

Hermione: “It’s all right, Ronald. It’s not even a poisonous spider!”
Ron: “I-I know. I’m n-not scared.”
(spider moves forward slightly)
Ron: “AAAH!”
—Hagrid’s Helper

Hermione: “No, Ronald, you’re doing it wrong! You have to pull in and up to force the air out of my lungs and up my esophagus to force the lodged food out.”
—Kim K.

Ron: “I see the smoke. What potion are you brewing?”
Hermione: “I am making you look like Ryan Gosling.”

Hermione: “I’m finally taller.”
Ron: “I’m slouching.”

The only way Ron and Hermione can still fit under the Invisibility Cloak with Harry.

Ron: “Hermione, I think Cedric has turned to the Dark Side.”
Hermione: “Why would you think that?”
Ron: “He has a red lightsaber.”

Ron: “Ah, that fire feels so warm. What did you burn?”
Hermione: “Your ice cream truck.”

As Minister for Magic, Hermione freed all the house-elves. But she came to regret her decision when she didn’t know who would cook dinner that night.

You’ve heard of the boyfriend pillow. Introducing: the boyfriend backpack! Now you can go to class and spend time with your beloved all at once! While supplies last.





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