“Harry Potter”-Inspired Retail Shop Promises Magical and Quirky Experience in Falkirk, Scotland

Are there enough Harry Potter-inspired shops and cafés in the world? Absolutely not. And thankfully, a new one just opened in Falkirk, Scotland, in the United Kingdom. The Lonely Broomstick on High Street opened its doors last Monday to a massive queue that wrapped around the block. There, you’ll find a menagerie of quirky magical gifts inspired by the wizarding world such as candles, potions, sweets, drinks, and hand-carved wooden wands.



With its golden lettering, massive display windows, and the solitary broomstick hung out for window-shoppers to gawk at, the Lonely Broomstick’s storefront is incredibly reminiscent of the Diagon Alley seen in the Harry Potter films. Any witch or wizard would feel right at home when stepping up to its doors. Inside, you’ll be able to peruse a ton of Potter-inspired merchandise, see a re-creation of Hagrid’s motorbike, and even have a cup of hot, or cold, butterbeer or a variety of other magical drinks at the café. One Facebook comment mentioned the existence of a Chocolate Frog Hot Chocolate, which sounds absolutely delicious.

The proprietors of the Lonely Broomstick advertise the shop as being incredibly quirky, which you can gather by its exhaustive array of candles, each with a scent inspired by the wizarding world. For instance, the scents range from pleasant odors such as pumpkin juice and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans to more curious smells like Floo powder and Wolfsbane Potion.



In case you need even more immersion, the shop is also home to the School of Witchcraft & Potions, which offers a one-hour potion-making experience held in the store’s potion room. Using the many ingredients that the shop offers, you’ll be able to create your very own concoction, bottle it, and even design a label for it. By the end of the class, you’ll be declared a Potion Master and you’ll have the certificate to prove it. (Mrs. Weasley would be proud!) The experience is a steal at 15 GBP (approximately 21 USD) per person for a minimum of two people in any party.



Run by owner Doris Lenaghen and her son Leslie, alongside assistants Scott and Carrol, the Lonely Broomstick is, according to Leslie, a dream come true for his mother. Apparently, they had only received the unit two weeks prior to opening day, which means it was a mad dash to realize their vision for the shop. With the amount of effort, care, and attention put into the store and café, it’s clear it was a labor of love that, thankfully, the town of Falkirk appreciates, with Leslie estimating approximately 500 people showing up for the shop’s grand opening.

The Lonely Broomstick is located at 36 High Street in Falkirk, Scotland, and it is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Of its variety of scents, which candle would you most like to try out from the Lonely Broomstick? If you created your own potion, what would it do and what would you call it? Let us know in the comments. For those living in Falkirk or the neighboring areas, be sure to stop in, take some photos, and tag us on Instagram.


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