Ten Character Origin Stories We Would Like to See

Harry Potter is a vastly complex and rich story. Not only was the magical world written with exceptional detail, but within this magical universe reside characters with multifaceted depth. It makes the biggest Potter fan long for more content. Harry’s story is complete, of course. But what about the other characters? How did they grow to be the people we know at the conclusion of the series? Here is a list of possible origin stories from some of the most interesting characters.


1. Draco Malfoy



Draco Malfoy has prejudice instilled in him from a young age. While I don’t necessarily want to be inside the head of a blood purist for seven books, his character arc in the later books, particularly Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince onward, shows someone who realizes they are in way too deep. This perspective would lend to a very compelling story.


2. Regulus Black



Much like Malfoy, Regulus Black is a character who realized too late the depths to which Voldemort was willing to go in order to gain power. Let us see the moment he realized Voldemort had split his soul to become immortal. What was Regulus’s turning point to destroy Voldemort’s Horcruxes? The inner dialogue conspiring against Voldemort would be a terrific page-turner.


3. Voldemort



Of course, we get some great insight into Voldemort’s life with memories in the Pensieve, but what about the ones we didn’t see? What about the moment he decided to split his soul and chose which objects would be the Horcruxes? The story could get really dark rather quickly, but a short look into how the Dark Lord came to be would be very gripping.


4. Albus Dumbledore



Sure, we receive some insight into the life of Dumbledore in the original series and with Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, but what about in-depth conversations with Grindelwald? What about the dynamic between his parents, Ariana, and Aberforth? What was it like for him to duel Grindelwald or to watch Tom Riddle grow at Hogwarts? A closer look at Dumbledore’s intellect and experience would make a great tie-in prequel to the original series.


5. Ginny Weasley


Ginny Weasley


Ginny is a character we don’t get enough time with. Let us see what was going through her head as she wrote in Tom Riddle’s diary and the fallout when she realized she was responsible for the attacks against Muggle-borns. What about her arc of becoming confident and sure of herself? Let us see more of her relationship with Harry. Let us see her defiance against Snape when she attempts to steal the sword of Gryffindor. Having more about a heroine so close to the trio would be a fantastic addition.


6. Lily Potter



Lily comes from a Muggle family. What was it like receiving a Hogwarts letter? What was Lily’s relationship with Petunia and Snape? Let us see the moments with James and baby Harry. The life of the family that could have been would be heartbreaking but also very sweet.


7. Sirius Black


Sirius Black is pictured.


Help us understand Sirus’s hatred for his family. What altercation took place that got him kicked out of Grimmauld Place? What sort of hijinks did he and James get up to? I can see this arc ending as a series tie-in with Sirius falsely being arrested after the “murder” of Peter Pettigrew.


8. Remus Lupin



Lupin’s life as a werewolf brings such an interesting concept of inner turmoil as well as him finding a sense of belonging in his friendships at Hogwarts. Also, Remus Lupin was the sensible one of the Marauders, and it would be really interesting to see how he reined in James and Sirius during their wildest moments.


8. Neville Longbottom



Neville could’ve been “the Chosen One” – of course he needs an origin story! What was it like growing up with the knowledge that his parents were tortured fighting for what’s right? What kind of complex does it give Neville to want to rise to the occasion but be constantly doubted by family and peers? This would be an empowering character arc to read.


9. Severus Snape


Caption Contest, week of April 13, 2014


I’m of the mindset that Snape loving Lily doesn’t mean that he’s fully redeemed. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a compelling and complex character. He’s an antihero. He loved Lily, but he also had no problem having her husband and child murdered. His heroism is also embedded in prejudice and bitterness, which is what would make his story an extremely interesting read.


10. Minerva McGonagall



There is so much to unearth with Minerva McGonagall. Let us see her experience of being a five-minute Hatstall while being Sorted at Hogwarts. Who were her friends? What did her efforts in the First Wizarding War look like? Let us see her relationship with her husband before he died. We need more perspectives from leading ladies in this magical world.


Are there any characters that would be a great addition to the list? Comment below!


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