Sorting Unsorted “Harry Potter” Characters

Sorting characters from various pieces of media has been a long-running tradition of Harry Potter fans. From Marvel to musicals, it is a topic that has been covered many times. There are, however, many characters from the Harry Potter series who did not have their Houses revealed. Here are which Houses five of these characters would be in.


Rita Skeeter – Slytherin

Slytherin has long been associated with being evil, and although this is not always the case, Rita does fit perfectly into this House. She is not evil the way other Slytherins are. She’s not like Bellatrix or Voldemort, but she still is a horrid person who gains satisfaction from the misery of others. This is done through her work as a writer for the Daily Prophet, and she gets her information for her stories by any means necessary – usually by using her ability as an unregistered Animagus. Of course, this is something that is highly illegal, but when you take a step back to look at this, it’s clear that Rita is someone who is determined and ambitious. Being an unregistered Animagus is no easy feat, and combined with her cunning to get a scoop no matter what, there is no better House for Rita than Slytherin.


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Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody – Hufflepuff

Moody’s House has been discussed on MuggletNet before, and the opinion he is a Hufflepuff is one that is common. Hard work is one of the traits heavily associated with Hufflepuff, and Moody gives us the perfect example – it takes years of training to become an Auror and to be successful in the position. It is clear that Moody is a hard worker since he is one of the most successful Aurors in the series.


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He is also an extremely loyal character. The main example that comes to mind is his dedication to the Order of the Phoenix. He is prepared to do anything to help the cause and even dies trying to help make the world a better place. Though he may not seem like it on the outside, Mad-Eye Moody is the perfect model of a Hufflepuff.


Rufus Scrimgeour – Gryffindor

Scrimgeour is arguably not a well-loved character, and he makes some questionable decisions during his time as Minister of Magic, specifically his campaign to use Harry as a poster boy for the Ministry. However, although he does make mistakes, he is trying his best to reassure the wizarding world that things are okay and that the war is not as bad as it seems. When the Ministry eventually falls to Voldemort, Scrimgeour dies while being tortured for information about Harry, and not once does he disclose anything. This is very brave, and although he might not fit Gryffindor’s traits as perfectly as other characters do, Scrimgeour is a true lion.




Madam Poppy Pomfrey – Hufflepuff

Working as the school nurse in Hogwarts, where you’re going to have to deal with a variety of injuries caused by young witches and wizards using magic (especially if they love to break the rules), was never going to be easy. For Madam Pomfrey to get to where she is now, she would have had to work hard, something that Hufflepuffs are well known for. Hufflepuffs are also well known for being extremely loyal and helpful characters, and Madam Pomfrey embodies these characteristics. She cares deeply about her patients and is dedicated to them no matter what, even if it means kicking their friends and family out of the hospital wing so they can get the care they need. Taking all this into consideration, there is no other House for her than Hufflepuff.


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Barty Crouch, Jr. – Slytherin (Hatstall Ravenclaw)

Tricking Moody is not easy, especially when he was as successful an Auror as he was. But through determination and some cunning, this is something that Barty Crouch, Jr. was able to achieve – and also something he was able to keep up for nearly a year until one slip up at the end, where he was so excited about the return of the Dark Lord that he revealed he wasn’t the real Mad-Eye Moody. Taking this into account, Slytherin is the perfect House for him since he demonstrates the traits this House is known for – but it could also be argued that Barty Crouch, Jr. could be a Ravenclaw. Though he is cunning and determined in his plans, he is also extremely witty and knowledgeable to undertake them and succeed. With this in mind, I can’t help but wonder that if things had gone differently, Barty Crouch, Jr. might have been a Ravenclaw and not a Slytherin.


David Tennant

David Tennant as Barty Crouch, Jr. at the Quidditch World Cup


What do you think of this list? Are there any characters you would have Sorted differently, or are there any other characters from the series that you would like to see Sorted? Let us know in the comments.


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