CC #461: Week of December 5, 2021

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Queenie: “My, don’t you look lovely today! What’ll it be? A bob, waves, or slightly shaved?”
Tina: (in the background) “…Good grief.”

Queenie: “Time to use my Legilimency to the point where I can blast all their heads off.”

Fred and George were unaware that decades prior in New York City, an American witch had perfected not only the Headless Hat but the Armless Sleeves as well.

Queenie: “Tina! Where are your arms and head?”

As you may or may not have noticed, Queenie is standing in front of an electric lamp in the 1920s, whereas in the 1990s, Hogwarts still uses candles.

Queenie: “Ah, yes. A training dummy.”
Tina: “That’s a fashion dummy.”
Queenie: “Fashion IS my training.”

“Satin, lace, velvet, silk, jewels, glitter…” (sigh) “…Let’s just start with some arms.”

Phantom Thread (2017)

Colleen Atwood before making her masterpiece costumes.

Queenie: (thinking) “Maybe I’ll give this wand to Jacob when I’m done with it.”

And just like that, the little magic leg lamp from The Christmas Story was fixed.
—Cindy G.

Ahead of the upcoming concert, Queenie practices conducting the orchestra.








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