Celebrate the New Year with New Adventures in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”

2022 has made its way to the world, and we admit we already miss the holiday magic that brought us joy in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. New chapters and adventures kept us occupied in December, but now January is here and it’s time to get started on what the new year will bring.

Hogwarts Mystery got us into the holiday spirit with the special adventure Holidays at Hogwarts. We stayed at Hogwarts over the winter break along with some of our friends, including Penny. She was disgruntled and missed her family, so we came up with a brilliant idea to bring holiday magic to Hogwarts and the professors. Sometimes holidays bring tension, and disaster shortly followed. As always, we were still determined to make the holidays at Hogwarts the most magical they’ve ever been.



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Every month, we anticipate the arrival of a new Magical Milestones event. January’s look, Street Swag!, features distressed jeans, red sneakers, a hoodie, and a puffer jacket. For a lot of us experiencing the bite of winter right now, this is an outfit we could truly use.


HPHM Magical Milestones

Street Swag! outfit in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” for January’s Magical Milestones


Now it’s time to dive into the new chapters that have made it to the game. Chapter 25 left us hanging when our friends at St. Mungo’s couldn’t stop laughing. We start Chapter 26 by spilling this news to Mad-Eye Moody. He suggests we search for the source of the laughter through Alihotsy Draught, so we enlist some help to get to the bottom of it. After analysis, this is not the source of the laughter and a lot of our friends feel defeated – including us. When talking through the problem, the Swan Patronus appears and lands beside a get-well gift for Jacob. It looks like a CD could be the problem, but still, this curse is no laughing matter.

We pick up Chapter 27 with a visit to Professor Flitwick about this cursed CD. He thinks he can figure this cursed object out with the proper research. While we wait, we make the decision to confront Merula about her involvement with “R.” After a successful duel, Merula comes clean about a lot of things and we decide to work together to take down “R.” Corey then finds us and lets us know that Professor Flitwick is ready to destroy the cursed CD, but the spell backfires and we’re back to square one.

Well, that wasn’t what we thought was going to happen, and it looks like we’re going to have to wait for Chapter 28 before we have any hope for answers. Let’s take our minds off of this mystery by obsessing over the new look you can purchase for your Knitten. This galaxy look features constellations and gorgeous colors and is a must-have for your furry friend.


New Knitten look available in "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery"

New Knitten look available in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”


Hogwarts Mystery is already hooking us in for 2022. What do you think will be next for our characters?


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