CC #465: Week of February 13, 2022

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Harry: “Listen, we gotta talk about ‘Nice one, James.’

Harry: “How does Sirius Black keep getting past the Dementors?”
Suspicious Man in Bad Disguise: “Beats me.”

Gary Oldman: (sniffling)
Dan Radcliffe: “What’s wrong?”
Gary Oldman: “I’m so sad that JKR made me die.”
Dan Radcliffe: “Yeah, I really want to curse her for it.”
Gary Oldman: “Wish we knew how to use this stuff. Damn, should have paid attention to Snape’s lessons!”
—Book Nerd Bree

Harry: “Surely you can’t be serious!”
Sirius: “I am Sirius. And don’t call me Shirley.”

Sirius: “You say one of these is bottled fame?”
Harry: “Yes! And there’s brewed glory and stoppered death!”
Sirius: “But the labels are all in Latin.”
Harry: “So what is your Animagus dog nose for, except in situations like this?”
—Friend of Fawkes

Harry: “So, you bullied Snape back in the day?”
Sirius: “Yeah. I’m not proud of it.”
Harry: “And you shouldn’t be. But just out of curiosity, how does one do it?”

Daniel: (to Gary) “If you can ever manage to get over yourself, I would highly recommend being me.”

Sirius: “Perhaps we can come up with a craft-brewed, small-batch firewhisky.”
Harry: “Really? You honestly think that’s where our future together lies?”
—Friend of Fawkes

Sirius: “So, this is Snape’s office?”
Harry: “Yep. Ready to leave?”
Sirius: “Just one moment. I need to lick everything to mark it as my territory.”

Gary: “Hey, Daniel, can you give me the opposite of these words? Always, coming, from, take, me, down.
Daniel: “Never, going, to, give, you – eurghhh!”
—Luna’s Cousin

Sirius had taken to exposure therapy, in the form of sitting quietly in the Potions classroom with Harry, as a means of lessening his hatred toward Snape.”

Gary Oldman: “Tell me, Daniel. Which of these cauldrons contains the magic potion that will transform your rather lackluster movie career post–Harry Potter?”
Daniel Radcliffe: “Hurtful, Gary! So hurtful!”
—Friend of Fawkes

Dan Radcliffe: “So… you were Commissioner Gordon, and now, Rob Pattinson is the new Batman. Where’s my Batman role?”

Gary: “I was supposed to be knighted, but I wore this outfit to the ceremony and the Queen asked me to leave.”

Gary: “I don’t have a drinking problem.” (picks up the cauldron and drinks from it)

Sirius: “I bought this Gryffindor outfit just to piss off my parents.”

An alternate universe, where Harry hadn’t gone to the Department of Mysteries to “save” Sirius.

Sirius: “No godson of mine is going back to Hogwarts with a beard like that.”
Harry: “But, Sirius, it’s the style! Everyone will think I’m weird if I don’t have one!”
Sirius: “That’s what you said about long hair in your fourth year.”





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