Wizarding World Digital Celebrates Lunar New Year with Virtual Red Envelopes Featuring Magical Creatures

We have officially welcomed the Year of the Tiger with the Lunar New Year earlier this week, and there are celebrations still going on for this holiday. What kind of holiday or any type of celebration would it be without a little bit of magic?

Wizarding World Digital is celebrating the joy of the Lunar New Year with virtual red envelopes. These envelopes are monetary gifts given during the holidays that symbolize energy, happiness, and good luck. In honor of this tradition, Wizarding World Digital has shared the wealth with virtual red envelopes featuring some of our favorite creatures from the Fantastic Beasts films.



The sweet baby Nifflers seem to have their hands on all things shiny this year. There’s also Pickett, the Bowtruckle that Newt carries along in his pocket; a group of tiny scorpion-tailed beasts that we see Newt and Theseus mimicking in the trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbeldore; a unique magical bird; and the strong, feline-like zouwu.


Zouwu red packet cover in honor of the Lunar New Year

Zouwu red envelope cover in honor of the Lunar New Year


Let’s hope none of these impossibly cute creatures escape from the red envelopes, although we have to admit, having a baby Niffler running around might be a fun change. Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! Which of the designs is your favorite?


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