Gruellingly Nauseating and Onerous MuggleNet Exercise: Diagon Alley

The only place as magical as Hogwarts has to be Diagon Alley, the hidden London shopping district of the wizarding world. Try this quiz to see how well you really know this iconic wizarding location.



Well done, witches and wizards. Sure, your results might not be on Hermione’s level, but practice makes perfect—so come back to MuggleNet and try a new quiz any time!


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Growing up, I always had a fantasy book in my hand. I read through countless math classes, family meals, sermons, and sporting events. By my mid twenties, with four jobs and the Harry Potter books to keep me warm at night, I earned my degree in Literature and Journalism in Boston, graduated with honors, and became a professional writer. These days, I'm a balanced, childless adult, working towards a reasonable aspiration of becoming a witch. Find me online @RobesForAllOccasions