A Sunday Musical Reset: “Potter” Edition

Everyone needs a day off to relax and prepare their minds and bodies for new work and a stress-filled week ahead. A perfect day for rejuvenating is usually Sunday, and what’s better for a Potterhead than a Potter playlist for a magical Sunday reset?

We have created a wonderful list consisting of a perfect Sunday reset routine, including a magical Potter playlist.




1. Start off your magical Sunday with the basics.



Potter music recommendation: Gilderoy LockhartSchool!

Make your bed, brush your teeth, wash your face, drink a tall glass of warm water, do a bit of dusting around your house or dorm room, maybe get some letters from the letterbox (or check your email, in case you don’t have an owl)… and lastly, don’t forget the magic words: affirmations. Start your day by writing down one thing you are grateful for. It only takes a minute, but its positive effects can last forever. We love these tracks since they are groovy and fun, perfect for a fresh start to your day while you tackle the basic to-dos. 


2. Jump in for some exercise!



Potter music recommendation: Diagon Alley and the Gringotts VaultThe Knight Bus

This is a no-brainer. The more you exercise, the better you feel, and the more your body loves you. Although we are guilty of not giving a lot of our time to physical activity, even 15 minutes of exercise a day can be very beneficial for us in the long run. Also, it will make us look like the fit lords and ladies of Diagon Alley — who doesn’t want to look like that? Let’s start together: To a healthier version of us, let’s go!


3. Have a nice, filling breakfast.



Potter music recommendation: Harry & Hermione / Magic Works

Breakfast is supposed to be our heaviest meal, and that is something we often forget, which can lead to issues such as light-headedness or a stomachache.

Preparing some nice meals for your Sunday and for the week ahead can be advantageous for those of us who have a grueling Muggle work or study life. With these light and soulful Potter tracks, a task like this (at least for some of us) can become as easy as a swish and flick.


4. Go for a walk alone.



Potter music recommendation: Lumos! (Hedwig’s Theme) / The Slug Party

After spending a long week in the company of loud or boring Muggles — and probably a Saturday out with friends and family — some alone time is what we need to detox and unwind. Walking alone with these magical tracks will not just help you embrace solitude, but it will also make you connect more with nature and breathe in peace the fresh air that you were craving for a whole week. Plus, with the company of magical tracks like these, who wouldn’t like to walk alone?


5. Pamper yourself.



Potter music recommendation: Christmas at Hogwarts / Underwater Secrets

Nothing is more relaxing than having a peaceful spa and relaxation day without any worries. Work will come and go, but it is important to take care of our mental and emotional well-being, or working will become a daunting task. So let’s not get inspired by Voldemort here, because besides power, we want peace of mind.

Read a book, light up your scented candles, do a pretty manicure, put on a face pack, meditate, or soak your feet in some warm water with bath salts. The choice is yours! But don’t forget to give yourself the ultimate relaxation you need. These wholesome tracks will surely add their charm to your pampering routine while you relax and have a good time.



Just writing this list was relaxing, and listening to the Potter playlist added some freshness to our senses. We hope you liked our magical Sunday reset and the Potter music suggestions for every part of the list! Make sure to take some time out for yourself at least once every week — you deserve it. Let us know your favorite part of this list in the comments below.


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