High School Senior Stuns at Prom with Dress Made from “Harry Potter” Book Pages

Most of us love imagining that we live within the pages of the Harry Potter books every once in a while, but did you ever think of actually wearing them? That’s exactly what senior high school student Hailey Skoch did, and it’s nothing short of magical.

Skoch, who is a student at Prairie Grove High School in Arkansas, attended prom in a dress she and her mother made from the pages of the Harry Potter books, and it left people speechless. Skoch first got the idea from TikTok and thought she could improve on it, so she and her mom set to work, stitching and folding pages while watching the Potter and Fantastic Beasts films – a fitting choice, given that the dress took hours to make.

Their labor was well worth it: The gown left people awestruck. Skoch couldn’t quite believe the reaction when she arrived at prom.

It was completely insane because I just kind of entered and everyone was kind [of] doing their own thing. One person saw me, and then another. It was almost creepy in sync; everyone’s heads just turned. It was the craziest feeling I’ve ever had.

Whipping up a stunning dress made from the pages of your favorite books is no small feat, and Skoch was well aware of that when she took on the project, but she wanted to do something out of the ordinary. We’d say she succeeded.

Some people even took to Twitter to voice their admiration for the magical dress.



No doubt prom was a night Skoch (and the rest of Arkansas) will remember forever. She took to social media afterward to explain what the dress meant to her.

For me, this is a piece of art about growth and transition into my adult self as I wear the words that brought me so much peace in my youth.



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