Sorting “9-1-1” Characters into Their Hogwarts Houses

Content Warning: Contains references to domestic violence.

Sorting characters into their Hogwarts Houses is a long-running tradition of Harry Potter fans. We have already Sorted a wide range of characters into their Hogwarts Houses, from characters in the After series to characters from The Mandalorian. Today, we are sorting some of the characters from Fox’s first-responder drama 9-1-1.


Bobby Nash – Ravenclaw (Hatstall Gryffindor)

As the captain of Firehouse 118, Bobby has shown his fair share of Gryffindor traits. He would never have gotten to where he was without being brave, but overall, we think that he fits better into Ravenclaw. He’s able to think quickly in emergencies to do what needs to be done to help people, and he is never afraid to learn from his mistakes so that he can do better in the future. Because of this, we think that deep down, he is an eagle at heart.




Evan “Buck” Buckley – Hufflepuff

All throughout his life, Buck has always wanted one main thing — to fit in and be loved. It wasn’t until he started working in Firehouse 118 that he found the family he’d always longed for. Throughout the show, he has shown time and time again that he is a Hufflepuff. He’s always prepared to do everything that he can to help people, even if it means disobeying orders. He’s incredibly loyal to the ones he loves, going above and beyond to help them even if it means putting himself in harm’s way. The most prominent example of this is when he did everything he could to help Eddie’s son, Christopher, during a tsunami at the beginning of the third season.




Eddie Diaz – Gryffindor

An ex-combat medic turned firefighter, Eddie fits into Gryffindor. He is brave, heroic, and always prepared to put others before himself. When he was a combat medic, he managed to rescue his entire team, risking his life in doing so, and for his bravery, he was awarded one of the highest honors he could achieve. Even in the 118, he is prepared to risk everything to help others, such as when he risked his own life to help people stuck in a building following an earthquake. He dives into risky and dangerous situations if it means helping others, and for these reasons, he strongly fits into Gryffindor.




Henrietta “Hen” Wilson – Ravenclaw

Hen is the best friend that everyone wishes they could have. She is the person others always turn to whenever they need advice since they know that she always has some piece of wisdom that will be able to help them. Hen is also someone who is never afraid to stop learning. As a paramedic in the 118, she devotes herself to learning everything she can about the medical world. In fact, she is even training to become a doctor since she wants nothing more than to help others. For these reasons, she is the perfect Ravenclaw.




Howard “Chimney” Han – Hufflepuff

Chimney is someone who would do absolutely anything for the ones that he loves, and he dedicates his whole life to the family that he has found within the 118. When he first started working in the fire service, he was made to do the work that nobody else wanted to do. Even though this was something that he hated, it didn’t stop him from working hard to get to the position he is in now — a well-respected paramedic. With Chimney being such a dedicated and hardworking person, there is no better place for him than Hufflepuff.




Athena Grant – Slytherin

Athena is a character who lets nothing stop her from getting what she wants. She is determined to be the best that she can be and to create a safer place for those she loves. She is also extremely cunning. No matter what the case is, Athena uses her brains to outsmart anyone she needs to in order to catch whoever it is she is after. For these reasons, she belongs in Slytherin.




Maddie Buckley – Gryffindor

Due to having negligent parents, Maddie helped to raise Buck herself as his older sister, and throughout her life, she tried to look out for him. However, her marriage was an abusive one, causing her to become isolated. Though it took time, she did find the strength to escape this marriage and find her own happiness with people who love and care for her. As an emergency dispatcher, she has the skills needed to work well under pressure, and she’s always prepared to do what she can to help the people on the other end of the line. Maddie also was able to keep her cool during a hostage situation and save her co-workers. Though her strength comes from within and she may not be strong in the conventional sense, there is no other House for her than Gryffindor.




What did you think of our Sorting? Is there anyone you would Sort differently? Let us know in the comments below.


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