16 More Conversations That the Marauders Probably Had

Ah, the Marauders — the brotherhood who had their classmates looking out for pranks and laughing at the poor sods who got caught up in the chaos, while Filch wanted to chuck himself out the window as he thought of the messes.

Truly, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew were a band of mischief-making misfits (McGonagall’s eye still twitches whenever she remembers), and their pranks were nothing if not legendary. So… their conversations were likely just as hilariously iconic (and stupid), right?

We present 16 more conversations that the Marauders probably had.

1. How can Sirius and James steal the Hogwarts Snitch without being murdered by McGonagall?

2. …to which Remus sighs and tells them, “Why don’t you just, I don’t know, get your own Snitch instead of risking your necks?”

3. How many Chocolate Frogs can Peter eat before throwing up?

4. Hilariously long and complicated plans for when they get caught, with equally stupid plan names

5. The over-exaggerated tale of James and Sirius seeing a motorcycle for the first time

6. Peter suggesting that James and Sirius make Remus’ tea float behind him because he’s exhausted after a full moon

7. How many bottles of firewhisky can they smuggle into Hogwarts after the usual Hogsmeade trip?

8. Could they whisk Regulus into one of their pranks?

9. The time Lily and Remus pranked them about Muggle traditions

10. How many chocolate bars could James sneak under his invisibility cloak?

11. The time Sirius set his hair on fire when he was drunk on butterbeer (yes, the bloody idiot had that much)

12. “Don’t eat chocolate when you’re in your Animagus form, Padfoot.” “DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, MOONY!” “SIRIUS, NO-”

13. How did Peter miss the knot in the Whomping Willow when he’s been doing it for years?

14. And yes, Sirius was whacked across the face

15. The time James thought a stag party meant a party with actual stags, so he invited his stag friends over

16. “Think it’s a good idea to enchant the motorcycle?” “Ye-” “YOU BOUGHT A MOTORCYCLE? WITHOUT ME?”


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