CC #473: Week of June 26, 2022

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Tina: (internal monologue) “Wow… I really wish I could remember this guy’s name!”
—Kim K.

Katherine Waterston: (thinking) “So this is it? This is all I get? Three seconds of screen time and no lines? Well, at least let me give them all of these artificially whitened teeth.”
—Friend of Fawkes

Newt: “You got your braces off!”
Tina: (smiles)

Newt: “Tina! I haven’t seen you since 2018!”
Tina: “I’ve been quarantining. There’s a pandemic, remember?”

Newt: “Tina, where have you been?”
Tina: “Doing my job as head Auror at MACUSA and actually getting s*** done, instead of running around chasing deer.”

Tina: (thinking) “Why am I grinning at this idiot who thinks my eyes look like a salamander’s?”
—Friend of Fawkes

Newt: “How’s the new job?”
Tina: “The new wha— oh, that…. No, that’s a lie. I just hate you.”
Newt: “…”
Tina: “Did you really think having salamander eyes is a compliment?

Tina: (thinking) “Oh crap. It’s that guy again. He’s gonna try to ask me out. Just keep smiling…”
—Hot Stu

Tina: “This is my impression of Voldemort smiling in the courtyard at the end of Deathly Hallows – Part 2.”
—Kim K.




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