Carnivals and Concerts Galore in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”

We hope you’re ready to board the Hogwarts Express. Even in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, things are getting busy in Year 7. In our last update, we were excited to join in on the fun with the Hogsmeade Summer Carnival, so let’s explore the new adventures waiting for us.

The Hogsmeade Summer Carnival had us playing games, earning tokens, and enjoying the fun of being in the wizarding world. We admit it was nice for our characters to not have to worry about saving the world for a bit.

With August ending, there’s still time for you to get in on the Magical Milestones outfit this month. The Summer Daze outfit features golden tones, flowy layers, and the perfect shoes. Don’t miss out on your chance to be the best dressed.

Too bad we can’t wear this outfit on the Quidditch pitch, because there are two new chapters to catch up on. In Chapter 6, we decided we needed to work with our team to figure out the best way to defeat the Wellnelly twins. We learn a new maneuver in Chapter 7, and we can only hope it’s enough. Chapter 8 has us perfecting our moves, learning an additional maneuver, and completing the second House match. We know there’s only one more before the end of the season, and we’re still working on the best way to defeat the twins.

Quidditch can be a good distraction, but so can scavenger hunts. Hogwarts Mystery has added a new activity in-game that can provide additional rewards. You begin by meeting up with friends and receive a prompt that needs deciphering. You’ll receive clues, and the more correct answers you give, the greater the reward. Are you up for the challenge?



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This month, the Frog Choir got in some extra practice for an upcoming adventure, and by paying attention to the notes, we got rewards! On Day 1, we found ourselves looting the Potions classroom and received 500 coins. Day 2 put on the charm and led us to the Charms classroom, where we received 30 energy, and the final day took us to the Quidditch pitch, where we gained another 500 coins.

The extra practice was definitely called for when a surprise celebrity guest made her way to Hogwarts. That’s right, Celestina Warbeck graced the school with her presence, and it’s up to us to help make this performance a once-in-a-lifetime event.



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The buzzing we heard in our last update only got louder. The Billywig is causing quite the blunder. Have you adopted this creature yet to get in on the adventure? They might be cute, but this isn’t a creature you want to get stung by.

Buzzing creatures aren’t really our thing. We prefer something a little softer – like cats and owls – and lucky for us, there are new pet skins we can choose for them. For your cat, you can now have them match your musical energy with white fur and a musical note collar. For your owl, you can choose a striking black and white look.

With everyone heading back to school in the Muggle world, it’s no different for the wizarding world. To get us back into the spirit, Hogwarts Mystery is giving out a free gift every day through the end of this month. You also might have noticed some bargains in-game as well. You can purchase items you need, like notebooks, Chocolate Frogs, creature food, and coins, with pages, and they’re for a limited time only. Log in today to see your Brilliant Bargains and rack up the rewards.

Recommended stats are now available in Hogwarts Mystery, and it’s about time. We can now see the minimum requirements, recommended attributes, and friendship levels. Hopefully, this will make leveling up in-game easier.

We’ve all come to the realization that August was a lot, with new adventures, new mini-games, and more reasons to log in daily. We might not have progressed in our story line, but we can only imagine what will be in store for us in September.


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