CC #477, Week of August 21, 2022


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“I’m Gellert and this is Vinda. We saw you from across the bar, and we really dig your vibe. Can we buy you a drink?”

The new American Idol judges were hard to impress.

“You can’t sit with us!”

Gellert: (fretting) “Is the pellet made of poison in the vessel with the pestle or the flagon of the dragon or the goblet with the gold leaf?”
—Friend of Fawkes

Grindelwald: (thinking) “I wish she would stop pretending she’s interested so they would stop talking!”
—Kim K.

It was about this moment when Grindelwald suspected that the woman sitting next to him was Morticia Addams.
—Tuesday E.

Madame: (thinking) “Big mistake asking Mr. Oversized Ego here as my plus one.”
—Friend of Fawkes

The expression of polite disbelief on the face of my bank managers as I ask if I am eligible for a credit card.

When you’ve practiced your acceptance speech, you’ve waited for your name to be announced, and the emcee says, ‘Don’t forget to tip your wait staff. Goodnight!’
—Friend of Fawkes




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