Bonnie Wright Talks “Go Gently,” Daily Activism, and Her Passion for Cooking with CAP Beauty

Since her time in the Harry Potter franchise, Bonnie Wright has emerged as an influential activist for environmental justice and sustainability. In a new interview with CAP Beauty, Wright opened up about her passion for cooking, the origins of her book, Go Gently, and how she implements environmental activism on a daily basis.

Wright discussed her daily routine and favorite activities, sharing that she enjoys going on walks with her husband and dog at her local park. Some of the practices that make her feel her best include stretching, surfing, cooking, and spending time with friends.

Her deep appreciation for nature began at a young age. It was her love of the ocean that drove her to environmental activism because watching the harm being done to the ocean pushed her to become an advocate of the Earth and to become more informed about the pressing climate crisis and ways to promote “systems that put planet and people before profit.”

The actress said that living on her own for the first time sparked a new passion for cooking, referring to it as a form of self-care that allowed her to wind down in the evenings after work. Her favorite meal to make for herself is pasta, which she deemed “the most soothing meal on earth.”

Her pantry must-haves include“oats, rice, pasta, beans, peanut butter and lots of spices,” while her fridge must-haves are “homemade jam, some type of green, tomato paste, organic pasture[-]raised eggs and chocolate.”

Wright shared poignant insight into her personal philosophies surrounding food and its important connection to the environment.

I see food as nourishment and lean into what I feel I need that day. I feel privileged that food brings me joy beyond helping me survive. I look at the food I eat through the lens of the environment and try to make choices that support regenerative agriculture.

The 31-year-old revealed a series of questions that she uses while shopping for food that ensures her choices are environmentally conscious.

How far did this travel to get to me? Is this vegetable or fruit in season in my local area or country? What were the conditions it was grown or made in? Which leads to thinking about the working conditions of those involved in getting that food to you. Are there any labels or certifications that help me identify the quality of the product? And lastly, what is it packaged in, and can I recycle, up-cycle or compost it? If not, is there an alternative I can buy?

Wright also takes important steps to reduce waste. She composts any organic waste, uses reusable containers and utensils, and usually cooks from scratch rather than with prepared or processed ingredients. She also showcased her innovative side, revealing that she currently has a sewing machine in her kitchen to make reusable coffee and tea filters. How impressive!

The Go Gently author also discussed her book and how it represents her approach to environmental activism. In the book, she underscores the importance of small actions that can be done on a daily basis to promote sustainability and environmental justice.

I loved applying my practical approach to the huge and often overwhelming issue of the climate crisis. These small daily actions really helped me to feel more connected to myself, the human experience and therefore the Earth.

She encouraged others to use what they are passionate about to promote sustainability.

 Find something you enjoy doing in your day-to-day life and see how you can make that more sustainable. I love to cook so I started addressing the environmental impact of the food I was buying first. If you intersect action with something you already find joy in, you will be more likely to commit in the long term.

In honor of six months since Go Gently‘s release, Wright will also be hosting a virtual event for fans to come together on October 19, as revealed in her most recent newsletter. Will you be attending? Let us know below!


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