Eddie Redmayne Shares His Ten Essential Items and What He Knows About the Future of “Fantastic Beasts”

Eddie Redmayne (who plays Newt Scamander in the Fantastic Beasts films) has been speaking to GQ Germany and In the Envelope: The Actors Podcast. The interviews cover a range of topics, including how he prepared to play one of America’s most prolific serial killers, a guide on how to make his favorite cocktail, and an insight into what he does on set when waiting for his scenes.

In his interview on In the Envelope, Redmayne discussed his latest Netflix film, The Good Nurse, in which he plays serial killer Charlie Cullen, who is suspected to have killed over 400 people through his work as a nurse. He explained how talking with Amy Lachlan, the woman who befriended Cullen and helped bring him to justice, gave him the edge he needed. She described there being in Cullen “another human being who she met just twice.” Redmayne explained, “That idea of it being dissociative, of it being two people, was the ‘in’ for me.” He also said that he “never went into a scene playing the intention of creepy,” instead deciding to let the tension create itself.

Redmayne also spoke about his role as Newt Scamander, talking about how he adores Newt and loves “being in his skin.” However, he did describe the future of the series as “complicated” and explained how the casts of large-scale films, like Fantastic Beasts, are “often kept in the dark” about sequels. He also spoke about how there is a “treading water quality, when you have no idea if there’s a resolution” to a narrative or character. He did, however, mention that Newt “ends up married in Dorset to Tina,” something that Redmayne is pleased with because “he ends up happy.”



In his interview with GQ Germany, Redmayne talked through ten items that he couldn’t live without, including his Omega Seamaster, Cire Trudon candles, and a toiletry bag full of essentials. He also chose a tennis racket that he received when he was 14 as one of his items and discussed his performance in a charity tennis match, as well as a paint set to stop him from getting bored on sets. He shared his recipe for a perfect vodka tonic, the key ingredient in which is a can of Schweppes Tonic Water, and he described how he can’t use his favorite suitcase anymore since it is too similar to Newt’s. You can check out the whole interview below!



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