Ten Magical “Harry Potter” YouTube Channels

After you’ve read (and reread) the Harry Potter books and binge-watched all the movies, one of the best places to turn to for more magical content is YouTube. The video platform has become home to an endless supply of Harry Potter knowledge, material, and fan-made content. We’ve selected ten of the most magical Harry Potter-centric YouTube channels to highlight right here.


1. Wizarding World and Harry Potter

Wizarding World: 1.05M Subscribers
Harry Potter: 347K Subscribers



Okay, technically this list highlights 11 channels, but these two are a package deal because they both house all official and branded content. If you’re looking for hours and hours of content straight from the Wizarding World’s bottomless vault, then these are the channels to visit. From “Behind the Scenes with Filmmakers” to an “Ultimate Christmas Scenes” compilation, they have everything your Potter-loving heart could desire – and it’s all licensed material.


2. Cherry Wallis

829K Subscribers



You simply cannot type the words “Harry” and “Potter” into the YouTube search bar without seeing a Cherry Wallis video pop up. She provides an extraordinary array of content that’ll have you entertained all day long: exclusive interviews with cast members, tours, recipes, unboxings, collections, and much more. Cherry will captivate you with her Gryffindor charm and magical aesthetic from the moment you click play on your first video.


3. Tessa Netting

858K Subscribers



You might recognize her from Disney Channel’s Bunk’d, but Tessa Netting also has a YouTube channel where she brings high energy and fun to Harry Potter content. One of her popular videos is inspired by Daniel Radcliffe’s memorization of Blackalicious’s “Alphabet Aerobics.” Tessa wrote a Harry Potter version – and it’s amazing! You won’t be disappointed by her quirky and fresh comedy in every video.


4. The Potter Collector

577K Subscribers



If you’re into books, books, and more books, you’ll be left speechless after seeing The Potter Collector’s library. Peter Kenneth is a Slytherin who has spent years collecting editions of the Harry Potter series from all over the world. His collection contains books from the original publishing batch of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to some of the newest translations. Peter creates a variety of content outside of books, languages, and covers; he also does subscription box unboxings and shopping hauls, and he frequents the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida.


5. Harry Potter Folklore

551K Subscribers



This channel could easily be a class at Hogwarts. Dean Jewell dives into character profiles, explanations, and theories to give context to the wizarding world we know and love. One of the best things about the Harry Potter world is how the fandom has defined, expanded, and elaborated on the original creation. Here you’ll find over 700 videos of magical knowledge and all the “what ifs” you could ever ask for.


6. Harry Potter Theory

617K Subscribers



Another channel that could be a class, Harry Potter Theory is perfect for anyone looking to delve between the lines of the Harry Potter books/movies and discover backstories, theories, and breakdowns. Ever wondered why things happened the way they did in the books/movies? The content here examines all the angles and reasons to explain why – or at least, potentially why – things happened the way they did (like why Hermione isn’t in Ravenclaw).


7. TheBakeey

212K Subscribers



Bakey has been creating YouTube content for over half her life. She’s a proud Slytherin who ranks characters, couples, books, and movies, and she’ll make you laugh as she tries not to laugh at Harry Potter memes. She brings her rambunctious and goofy energy to Harry Potter content that’ll keep you entertained until the end.


8. Wizardry Workshop

81.5K Subscribers



Danny is a graphic designer who uses his magical talents to create replicas and original Wizarding World creations. If you’re into creative DIY projects, designs, book covers, and other paper products straight out of the wizarding world, you’ll absolutely love this channel. He also partners with Wizarding Trunk, a monthly Harry Potter subscription box, which features some of his creations.


9. Whatever Potter

92K Subscribers



If you enjoy comparisons, deleted scenes, or Easter eggs, this channel is for you. Houssam will take you on investigative journeys through details in scenes that you may have missed while watching the Harry Potter movies. He’ll have you going down rabbit holes of questions and answers that’ll only enhance your Potter knowledge.


10. Tiffany Dalton

8.48K Subscribers



Less than two years into the YouTube game, Tiffany Dalton has created a channel that inspires collection, creation, and magic. Her videos include shopping hauls, collection videos, Universal Studios and NYC Store trips, DIYs, unboxings, and a 12-part room makeover series. Tiffany is a proud Gryffindor, and you’ll fall in love with her personality and magical videos instantly.


There you have it – that’s ten (well, 11) magical YouTube channels for you to dive into. Let us know in the comments which of their videos becomes your favorite.