Voldemort’s Internet Search History Through the Years

Let’s admit it. There is one question that’s been in the back of our minds since forever: If Lord Voldemort had access to the internet, what would his search history look like? Well, we’ve decided to put your minds at ease. In this fun list, let’s take a look at Tom Marvolo Riddle’s full search history.

can snakes understand humans?
can snakes understand special humans?
is it normal to move objects with mind?
reddit AITA killed bully’s rabbit

hogwarts magic school
hogwarts magic school secret
diagon alley
diagon alley wizard shop
ebay magic wand
platform 9 ¾
platform 9 ¾ how to get in
how to stay at school over summer
laws stop going to orphanage

tom riddle
tom riddle sr.
thomas riddle
thomas riddle great wizard
can witch die of childbirth?
marvolo wizard
marvolo gaunt
marvolo gaunt related slytherin?
salazar slytherin
what is chamber of secrets?

basilisk caregiving
what do basilisk eat?
how control basilisk
what is big spider
acromantula dangerous?
how to frame someone for murder
reddit AITA snitched on guy with acromantula
hypocrisy definition

london to little hangleton train
gaunt house little hangleton
obliviate spell
reddit AITA obliviate uncle to frame for murder
reddit AITA kill family for being muggle
anagram generator tom marvolo riddle

what happens after death?
how stop death?
can live forever?
horcrux meaning
horcrux instructions
why have 1 horcrux
anyone have multiple horcrux?
magical properties of 7
professor student confidentiality

wizard hotel albania
albania forest size
how long explore all of albania forest
accio work on lost diadems?

linkedin job dark arts master
linkedin job dark arts master no experience
linkedin job dark arts apprenticeship
linkedin job dark arts knockturn alley
linkedin borgin and burkes job
reddit AITA frame elf for murder
forced to give 2 weeks before resignation to employer?

webMD eyes turn red normal?
webMD skin turn white normal?
webMD can appearance change if too evil?
webMD can appearance change with horcrux?
webMD nose gone?

linkedin hogwarts DADA job
linkedin DADA job application
how to curse job application
reddit AITA cursed job application cause I didn’t get it

what creatures are outcasts
google maps giants
google maps werewolves
google maps goblins
how to convince goblins to join army?
why wont goblins join army?

prophecy trelawney true?
prophecy vanquish dark lord true?
magic birth records end july
youtube video longbottom couple fight voldemort
youtube video potter couple fight voldemort
potter or longbottom stronger?
potter half-blood true?
harry potter
google maps harry potter
top 10 ways defeat baby

ways to gain life
philosophers stone
how break into gringotts
how merge with person if spirit
fashionable hat cover back of head
fashionable turban cover back of head
unicorn blood properties
how distract 3 headed dog
facebook rubeus hagrid
how get dragon egg
loser if killed by same child twice?

potion come back from dead
elaborate plan to kidnap child ideas
triwizard tournament 1994 true?
barty crouch address
good speech for coming back to life
death eaters where are they now
priori incantatem how works?

trelawney prophecy full
where trelawney prophecy?
how access department of mysteries
why cannot pick up prophecy?
harry potter favorite adult
reddit AITA emotionally manipulated archnemesis to do my bidding
voldemort back true?
how to stop rumors that im back?

who hates voldemort
voldemort hating
how control dementors
how to kill headmaster
headmaster death easy?
reddit AITA sent son of person im angry with to commit murder

ollivanders opening hours
scared of brooms normal?
how to fly without broom
why wands connect?
ollivander useless?
rufus scrimgeour press conference where?
where scrimgeour live?
taboo curse
elder wand who
google maps gregorovitch
grindelwald where
google maps nurmengard
dumbledore buried where
harry potter at hogwarts true?
airbnb cozy place near hogwarts
shrieking shack really haunted?
elder wand work how
reddit AITA killed friend to make my wand work better
battle strategy
wizard battle strategy
best way to attract hero?
best way to kill hero?
what to do when win?
normal to feel empty inside when win?
do people hate voldemort?
reddit AITA if I force people to worship me
reddit AITA if I mock a teenagers dead body in front his friends
reddit AITA if I burn a magic hat
how to get people to like you


That about sums up everything we could find on the Dark Lord’s iPhone. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!


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