Sorting Modern “Doctor Who” Companions into Their Hogwarts Houses – Part 2

With the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who approaching, we’ve looked back at the Doctor’s fantastic companions and wondered: Where would the Sorting Hat place them? So here are the companions from the renewed series Sorted into their Hogwarts Houses. Now, this is the second group of companions we’ve Sorted — we strongly recommend reading Part 1 first to learn about the companions not mentioned here. Allons-y!


Clara Oswald: Gryffindor



Clara is a definitive Hatstall. Her Gryffindor and Ravenclaw traits are almost interchangeable. Does she want to explore the universe for the sake of satisfying her curiosity or for the sake of adventure? Well… both! However, we have decided to place her in the House of the lion simply for her iconic line as she faces death: “Let me be brave.”


Nardole: Hufflepuff



Speaking of almost-Ravenclaws, Nardole too shares the eccentricity that is common to the Eagle House. However, his main trait is his loyalty. After crossing paths with the Doctor while assisting River, he decides to stay with him because he believes the Doctor needs his help. In fact, he even sacrifices his future and stays on a ship that needs him to resist a Cyberman attack.


Bill Potts: Ravenclaw



Bill is the return of the student type of companion. Eager to learn and curious about everything, she has an open mind as well as an open heart. Even when she and the Doctor part ways, she still continues exploring the universe, wanting to see everything.


Yaz Khan: Slytherin



Yaz is an ambitious police officer, even going so far as to say that she is married to her job. She views every day as a learning opportunity — a way to better herself. She even spends three years stuck in the past, tracking clues the Doctor has left behind. Now that’s determination!


Graham O’Brien: Hufflepuff



Graham’s loyalty to his grandson, Ryan, is obvious — but his desire to do what is fair is even more prominent. One of his greatest struggles comes when he is forced to commit an injustice to save history. Indeed, Graham becomes the man to ask Rosa Parks to move to the back of the bus. It’s a horrible moment, yes, but it’s amplified even more when you know just how much fairness means to him.


Ryan Sinclair: Gryffindor



Just like Rose, Ryan is a clear Gryffindor, almost to the point of a caricature. He loves conflict and adventures and is quite impulsive. Despite his dyspraxia holding him back, he just wants to be able to do the same as others — and he does all he can to get just that.


Dan Lewis: Hufflepuff



Dan could not be more charitable. On Halloween, he gives away treats, despite having nothing to eat himself. He wants so badly to work at the museum that he simply shows up there and does the job, despite the management’s complaints. That’s a hardworking Hufflepuff right there.


Have you noticed that every time the Doctor travels in a group of four, each of the companions represents a different House, with the Doctor being the team’s Ravenclaw? That’s a diverse group. What do you think of our Sorting? Did we miss any important companions? Let us know in the comments!


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