Sorting Modern “Doctor Who” Companions into Their Hogwarts Houses – Part 1

As Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary approaches, we got thinking about its most iconic characters. The Doctor is a clear Ravenclaw, don’t you agree? But what about their traveling buddies? Here are all the main companions from the renewed series Sorted into their Hogwarts Houses.


Rose Tyler: Gryffindor



Rose is almost a stereotype of the brassy and brave Gryffindor. Her love of adventure is what pulls her toward the Doctor and begins her journey across time and space as the first companion of the new Doctor Who era.


Mickey Smith: Hufflepuff



Mickey’s loyalty to Rose is a heartbreaking tribute to his Hufflepuff traits. Despite her leaving him behind countless times, Mickey stays at her side, ever patient.


Jack Harkness: Slytherin



Charming Captain Jack Harkness is hard to Sort, seeing as he rarely shows his true self, hiding behind jokes and flirting. However, his ambition and determination shine through whether he is trying to find yet another way to save the world or working on another person to seduce.


Martha Jones: Ravenclaw



Martha’s travels with the Doctor are guided by her curiosity and desire to learn. She’s proud of herself for all that she knows, and she loves when she can prove her intelligence to the Doctor, such as in their first encounter on the moon. She even walks Earth for a year, telling stories of the man in the blue box and sharing her knowledge to save the world.


Donna Noble: Gryffindor



Our favorite temp from Chiswick, Donna Noble is very set in her decisions and never afraid to let them be known. She has a clear moral code and more than once calls out the people she meets — including the Doctor — on what should be done. She stands up against the slavery of the Ood and forces the Doctor to save at least one family during the fires of Pompeii.


Wilfred Mott: Ravenclaw



Despite not being the most present companion, we could not skip Donna’s grandpa. Our eccentric Wilfred is an odd and jolly man very reminiscent of Luna Lovegood. His passion for the stars and love for the discovery of new things make him a Ravenclaw through and through.


Amy Pond: Gryffindor



Amy’s excitement for adventure and her desire to escape the dullness of everyday life make her a clear-cut Gryffindor. She makes brash decisions more than once, but they are always based on what she believes to be right. We also can’t ignore the fact that she has red hair like a certain wizarding family. How much more Gryffindor can you get?


Rory Williams: Hufflepuff



Amy’s husband is and forever will be the boy who waited. Patient, fair, and loyal cannot even begin to describe Rory as he protects the Pandorica — which contained his wife — for 2000 years.


River Song: Slytherin



An enigmatic character, River is manipulative — but always for the greater good. Her ambition to meet the Doctor again is so great that she even becomes an archeologist to try to find him in history. To her, loving the Doctor is like loving the stars: You don’t expect them to love you back. And yet, she keeps on loving. If that’s not determination, we don’t know what is.


Don’t worry — we know that’s not all the companions from the renewed series. Part 2 is coming! What do you think of our Sortings so far? Let us know in the comments.


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