What Kind of Hogwarts Student Would You Be?

There are various types of students studying at Hogwarts. While some are popular, others are happy hanging out alone. Some are scholars, and others live in a world beyond books. Take this old-fashioned quiz to find out what type of student you would be at Hogwarts – make a note of all your answers and add them to get your results.



1. Which of these magical creatures is your favorite?

A: Hippogriff

B: Thestral

C: Snake

D: Dragon

E: Unicorn


2. Where would you rather go?

A: The Forbidden Forest

B: Restricted Section of the library

C: Room of Requirement

D: Astronomy Tower

E: Hogsmeade


3. Which career suits you best?

A: Auror

B: Ministry of Magic official

C: Hogwarts professor

D: Healer

E: Wizarding naturalist


4. What is your favorite subject at Hogwarts?

A: Defense Against the Dark Arts

B: Divination

C: Ancient Runes

D: Potions

E: Herbology


5. How many friends do you have?

A: Two to three

B: Around five

C: Many. I love making friends!

D: I don’t have friends – I just know many people

E: Just one


6. What would you do at night in Hogwarts?

A: Explore the castle

B: Sleep…?

C: Have fun with friends in my dorm

D: Cause trouble

E: Visit places I shouldn’t be visiting


7. Which color do you like most?

A: Red

B: Green

C: Yellow

D: Blue

E: Purple


8. Which item would you like to possess?

A: Marauder’s Map

B: Time-Turner

C: Elder Wand

D: Invisibility Cloak

E: Resurrection Stone


If you answered mostly As:



You are the popular one. At Hogwarts, you will always feel like everyone has their eyes on you wherever you go, so stay composed. Choose your friends wisely, and keep your enemies at bay.


If you answered mostly Bs:


This is a picture of Hermione reading.


You are the studious one. What’s your favorite subject? You can’t choose one – because you love all of them. Your friends will always count on you, and you will inspire others to work hard.


If you answered mostly Cs:


Caption Contest, week of August 26, 2007


You are the sweet kid. You love everyone, and everyone loves you. You will always be there for your friends, and they know you will be there to back them up whenever they need you. You may not be brilliant at all subjects, but there will be a few that you excel at.


If you answered mostly Ds:



You are the lone wolf. You like hanging out alone because no one can be trusted. You are mysterious and quiet, catching the attention of everyone at school. You are always aware of everything going on around you, and you know you can tackle any challenge that will come to you.


If you answered mostly Es:


Luna Lovegood with the Quibbler and her spectrespecs


You are the dreamy child. Is your head always in the clouds? Are you always imagining things? You’re curious, which is good. There might be a fair few who will call you names, but you should always remember that you’re unique and wonderful.


We hope you enjoyed this quiz. Let us know what kind of student you would be at Hogwarts in the comments.