“Harry Potter: Magic Awakened” Soft Launches in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand

Last month, the long-awaited Harry Potter: Magic Awakened soft launched in select countries, including Austria, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Sweden, and Switzerland. On May 2, the soft launch was extended to include players in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and several changes and developments were made to the game itself.

The soft launch of the immersive collectible card game is in anticipation of its global launch, gradually adding new territories and listening to players’ feedback to “optimize and balance the game.”

In addition to Australia, Canada, and New Zealand being added to the soft launch, the game is also opening up French localization. All players have to do is download Magic Awakened from their mobile app store, and as long as they are within one of the listed territories, they can get stuck into the magic.



The long list of development updates includes a whole host of improvements, from an update to the Magic Pass and a reduction in the number of players within a House team to 50 to new limited-time events and added rewards.

There has also been a change to the preregistration rewards. Previously, anyone who preregistered for the game would receive 1,000 gold and a complimentary Library Pass containing five random spell cards. However, this change means that preregistered players will now earn a reward of 10 silver keys and 15,000 gold. You can preregister online now, and you’ll receive these preregistration rewards once the game is released globally.

It sounds as though these continual developments and changes are only adding to the magic of the Harry Potter game, with the game’s teams working hard and listening to and acting upon players’ feedback.

Our teams are reading your comments on all our channels, gathering your feedback and passing these along to make the Harry Potter: Magic Awakened experience the best it can be.

Have you been lucky enough to take part in the soft launch of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, or are you eagerly awaiting its global release?

Grace Hurley

I'm an animal-loving Ravenclaw with a Masters Degree in Writing and a passion for the Harry Potter universe since the age of five.