An Index of Wizarding World Characters by Wand Type – Part 1

Think you know everything about your favorite Harry Potter characters? Think again! Their wands hold secrets that reveal their true personalities. Discover the hidden depths of your beloved characters in Part 1 of our index of characters by wand type, complete with descriptions of each wand wood. Are you ready to uncover the magic?



Unyielding but helpful, the alder wand seeks an owner with a markedly different nature. It is best suited for non-verbal spell work and is highly sought after by advanced witches and wizards.


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Quirinus Quirrell’s wand is 9 inches long and made of alder wood, with a unicorn hair core, and is described as “bendy.”



Best suited to owners with high aims and ideals, the applewood wand mixes poorly with the Dark Arts. Possessors of this wand are well-loved and long-lived – and usually have a talent for conversing with magical beings.



Dylan Marwood’s wand is made of applewood with unknown core materials, length, and rigidity. In Hogwarts Legacy, Ollivander’s heirloom wand, which was created before the 1790s, is also made of applewood and a fairy wing core.



The ash wand is for courageous and determined witches and wizards who are not easily swayed from their beliefs or purposes. It cleaves to its one true master and loses power and skill if passed on or gifted.



Cedric Diggory’s wand is 12¼” long, made from ash and a unicorn hair core. Charles Weasley’s first wand (later Ron Weasley’s first wand) is 12″, made of ash and containing a core of unicorn hair that stuck out at the end of the wand. Colby Frey’s ash wand is also 12 inches in length with a unicorn hair core. Fischer Frey’s wand slightly varies at 12¼ inches in length, made of ash with a unicorn hair core.



Birch is not a wand wood that Garrick Ollivander personally uses, but it can be used for crafting wands. (You can even find birch wands at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter parks.) Little is known about the properties of birch wand wood.



Dolores Umbridge’s wand has a dragon heartstring core and was made of birch wood. It measures 8 inches in length, which Garrick Ollivander considers to be an uncommonly short size for a wand.



Best suited to warriors, a blackthorn wand becomes truly bonded with its owner only after passing through danger or hardship. It is a loyal and faithful servant.


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In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a Snatcher’s wand (that Ron took from him) was 10″ long, made of blackthorn with an unknown core material. Lord Cadogan also had a 9″ “combustible” Blackthorn wand with a troll whisker core, according to Hogwarts Legacy.



The cedar wand is for those with perspicacity and perception, possessing strength of character and unusual loyalty. The witch or wizard who wields it is a frightening adversary.


Horace Slughorn is frightened by Harry's question about Horcruxes


The wand of Horace Slughorn is made of cedarwood and dragon heartstring, measuring 10 ¼”. It is described as being “fairly flexible.”



Rarely used but possessing strange power, cherry wood makes lethal and highly sought-after wands. Paired with dragon heartstring, it requires exceptional self-control and strength of mind.



Mary Cattermole’s wand is 8¾” cherry wood with a unicorn hair core. Neville Longbottom’s second wand is also made of cherry and unicorn hair but with an unknown length and flexibility. The wand of Gilderoy Lockhart was 9″, made of cherry with a dragon heartstring core, and is described as “slightly bendy.” Ivy Warrington’s wand is another cherry wand with a dragon heartstring core, but measures 12.5″ in length. Albus Potter’s wand is also made of cherry wood and has an unknown core and length.



Multi-faceted and attracted to skilled tamers of magical beasts, herbologists, and natural fliers, the chestnut wand varies greatly in character depending on the core. With unicorn hair, it shows a predilection for people concerned with justice, while with dragon heartstring, it finds its best match among those overfond of luxury.



Peter Pettigrew’s second wand is 9¼” long, brittle, and made of chestnut wood with a dragon heartstring core. The wand of Silvanus Kettleburn is 11.5″ long and made of chestnut with a phoenix feather core — described as being “whippy.”



Cypress wands are linked to nobility and bravery, said to be ideal for those willing to die heroically. They are believed to be a perfect match for wizards unafraid of confronting darkness in their own and others’ personalities.



Remus Lupin’s “pliable” wand is 10¼” long, made of cypress with a unicorn hair core.