Remembrall ’98: Hermione Granger

Congratulations, Hogwarts Class of 1998! Please reflect on your experience at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by answering some questions about your time at this esteemed institution.

Hermione J. Granger

Favorite Memory:
I have so many wonderful memories! I don’t think I could pick just one favorite. I really enjoyed going back to Hogwarts to finish up my final year and my education. I also really liked some of the simpler moments like reading and chatting with friends in the chairs by the fire in the common room.

Favorite Class:
My favorite class was Arithmancy; I took it starting in my third year and continued through the rest of my education.

Least Favorite Class:
Divination – I now have respect for the subject. However, it was just never for me. I prefer something more concrete with less guesswork. For instance, Arithmancy has a similar undertone and is far more logical.

Favorite Teacher:
Oh, good question! I had so many wonderful professors; some of my favorites were Professor Vector, McGonagall, Lupin, and of course Hagrid!

Least Favorite Teacher:
Professor Umbridge, if you could even call her a professor!

What advice would you give to first years?
Take action for the things you believe in! You can make a difference. That and read Hogwarts: A History.

What would you change about your time at Hogwarts?
I do not think I would change much. Some things certainly did not go as planned; however, I think the experiences and challenges that we faced helped shape who we are now. In addition, they furthered both the magical and non-magical communities.

Favorite Reading Spot at Hogwarts:
I would have to say my favorite places to read are in the library, by the fire in the common room, and weather permitting, outside by the Black Lake.

Most Underrated Part of Hogwarts:
The house-elves – they are both underrated and underappreciated. If more students knew who’s doing the cooking and cleaning in the castle, I think they would feel differently and would be a lot more grateful.

Best Gift for Hogwarts Students:
A homework planner!

What advice would you give to seventh years?
Study for your NEWTs! Even though Harry and Ron were exempt, a lot of the material is so useful, and employers want to know you have foundational skills.

Brooke Schmitz

The magic of the Wizarding World enchanted me at an early age. Since then I have read the books more times than I can count. I love to inspire and connect with others through the Wizarding World.