Seven Book Characters We Want to See in the TV Show

Although the recently announced Harry Potter TV show reboot was met with mixed reactions, the longer total runtime length will allow the show creators to include aspects that didn’t make it into the films. The Harry Potter books are filled with a range of fascinating characters that, due to the restricted movie timings, didn’t make it in the first time around, but they could make it into the show. Here are seven characters left out of the movies we would love to finally see on screen.





In the books, Peeves is a great comic relief character, especially when Umbridge is around and after Voldemort’s death. Comedian Rik Mayall actually filmed scenes as Peeves for the first film, but sadly, his screen time ended up being cut. The new series could finally give us a chance to see Peeves’s chaotic influence at Hogwarts and his interactions with the Weasley twins and Harry.


Augusta Longbottom



As Neville’s grandmother, Augusta has a presence that is felt much more than seen – she contributed so much to Neville’s character and upbringing. From what Neville mentions, we know that she is strict and sets high expectations for him. However, she clearly loves him and is incredibly proud of him. Plus, she is definitely an impressive woman who single-handedly raises her grandson after his parents were tortured.





Winky’s trials and tribulations are one of the main reasons Hermione starts SPEW, which is one of the subplots in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that didn’t make it into the films. Winky’s treatment at the hands of Barty Crouch and other house-elves depicts a darker and more interesting side to how some of the creatures in the wizarding world are treated, and though it would undoubtedly be disturbing to see on screen, her story is one that could use some attention after being cut from the first adaptation.


Charlie Weasley



Ron Weasley is such an important character in the books, and through him, we get to explore his chaotic but loving family. All the other Weasley siblings got some sort of arc in the films – with the exception of Charlie. Although he doesn’t have a huge role in the books either, the show could finally give us a chance to see his interactions with his younger brothers and his job working with dragons.


Ludo Bagman



Like Hermione’s storyline with SPEW and Winky, Ludo Bagman also has an entire plotline with the Weasley twins that didn’t make it into the films. Ludo’s deception is just one of the examples of how people are not always how they initially depict themselves to be. It would be interesting to see that play out before our eyes – plus, this plotline would have the chance to show us more of the Weasley twins’ ambitions with their joke shop.


Marietta Edgecombe



In the books, Marietta is Cho’s best friend and was actually the one who revealed the existence of Dumbledore’s Army to Umbridge. Omitting her and having Cho be the traitor was the damning factor in Harry and Cho’s romance in the films, instead of it being the complicated relationship we see in the books.


Merope Gaunt



There is so much to Merope’s history – both with Tom Riddle Sr. and the rest of the Gaunt family – that is also very important to Voldemort’s history. Cutting this complicated family history from the films meant that we didn’t see how the lack of love he experienced may explain why he went on to become the villain Voldemort evolved into. We’d love to see how this plotline fleshes out the version of him in the new streaming series.


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Minal Daswani

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