Characters Who Have Flower-Inspired Names – Part 1

Nature resides in us, and in return, our souls are liberated with the green of the grass and the gust of the wind. When we think of nature, we might visualize a flower blooming with all its hidden secrets and gorgeous colors – for instance, a rose never fails to mesmerize the viewer with its beauty. The grace and elegance of flowers also make them popular as names, and the wizarding world is no exception to this habit. Take a look at our list of all the characters in the Harry Potter universe whose names are inspired by these little gifts of nature.


Lily Potter



The mother of the protagonist of the series shares a name with the flower that symbolizes purity and fertility. Derived from the Latin word lilium, this beauty’s ivory color supposedly represents the soul’s death and rebirth – which could be extrapolated to reference Lily and James’s deaths. An interesting feature of this Liliaceae family-hailing flower is that the sepals and petals of it are non-distinguishable. This could be a nod to Lily’s uniqueness and her distinctive qualities compared to other characters.


Petunia Dursley




Like her sister, Lily, Petunia Dursley also has a floral name. The name “petunia” is derived from the South American native word petun, which means “worthless tobacco plant.” The flower itself is usually associated with sentiments such as anger and bitterness. This perfectly represents Petunia’s resentment and annoyance toward her sister being a witch. Another fascinating piece of trivia about this pentameric-petalled herb is that the sepals that enclose the flower do not wither even after the flower sheds. Hence, these persistent sepals imply Petunia’s relentless displeasure and spite regarding the fact that her sister is a witch and she is magicless. The malice of it is visible in how she treats Harry.


Narcissa Malfoy




Born into a family whose names usually originated from stars and space, Narcissa is quite an exception. The Narcissus flower is said to be objectified with the concept of revival and new beginnings. This fits best with the fact that Narcissa was the one who restored Harry’s chance of survival in the war. With her actions, she chose a new path for her family. In addition, the flower is linked to a Greek mythology tale in which a young and handsome hunter named Narcissus fell in love with himself after seeing his reflection in a pond. Unaware that the reflection was his, he clung to the shore to reach his unrequited love. Eventually, he withered, and flowers with bent petals peeking into the pond bloomed where he fell. This seems to reflect that the Malfoys were self-absorbed and selfish, always seeking their own advantages and fulfillment.


Poppy Pomfrey




The matron of Hogwarts dons herself in robes as scarlet as a field of dancing poppies. The poppy plant produces opiates such as morphine and codeine, which are used medicinally to relieve pain and spasms; it’s fitting when you consider that medicine is the purpose of Poppy’s life. Furthermore, poppies carry a symbolic connection to peace and sacrifice because they are the first buds to sprout on a warfare land. These paper-like flowers have the perfect name to express a nurse’s sacrifice and commitment.


Fleur Delacour




The beautiful witch and part Veela who competes bravely in the Triwizard Tournament bears floral connections too. “Fleur” literally means “flower” in French. In fact, her full name translates to “flower of the court,” meaning “the flower that stands out.” Fittingly, Fleur is immensely charming, graceful, and beautiful, enabling everyone around her to be enamored by her.


Moaning Myrtle




Born as Myrtle Elizabeth Warren, the whiny and fretful ghost haunts the second-floor girls’ bathroom. Myrtle (the plant) is a shrub that produces white, drapey flowers, which could illustrate the icy and pale appearance of a ghost. Ironically, the flowers and leaves of the plant are extremely aromatic, generating a rejuvenating oil that helps reduce acne – a condition that Myrtle suffered from in life.


Madam Rosmerta




Another character with a flower-inspired name is the owner of the Three Broomsticks, Madam Rosemarta. Her name is derived from the Celtic goddess Rosmerta, who signified abundance and purity. In addition, the name shares a striking resemblance to an evergreen shrub, rosemary. Rosemary is a fragrant, clustered, and needled plant extensively used in the culinary world. This undeniably suggests the cooking skills of Madam Rosmerta experimenting with various drinks and teas.

Do you know more characters with names inspired by flowers? Not to worry – this is not the end. Look for more characters in the upcoming Part 2 soon.


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