Sorting “Modern Family” Characters into Their Hogwarts Houses – Part 1

ABC’s Modern Family has been a longtime fan favorite. Like the inhabitants of the wizarding world and other popular characters in the media, the Dunphys and the Pritchetts are easy to relate to and take you on a heartfelt journey. With 11 seasons under its belt, we thought it was time to Sort the Modern Family characters into their Hogwarts Houses.


Phil Dunphy – Hufflepuff



Phil Dunphy is the definition of a dedicated, goofy dad. Whether it’s talking about his past tumbling championships, adding inventions to his box of billion-dollar ideas, improving his magic tricks, or quoting his handmade Phil’s-osophy book, he is kind, patient, and always on your side. For these reasons, Phil is a Hufflepuff.


Claire Dunphy – Ravenclaw



True to Ravenclaw form, Claire provides logic, wisdom, and planning to the Dunphy household. While most of her time is spent keeping everyone in order, both at home and in the office, we also see moments of her playful side throughout the show. Halloween is her time to shine! Claire would do anything for her family and is always ready to lend a hand. 


Haley Dunphy – Gryffindor 


Haley, the oldest of the three Dunphy siblings, is a Gryffindor through and through. Her social butterfly personality lands her Homecoming Queen in high school and a variety of love interests. Her strengths lie in emotional intelligence, accurately reading people, and her willingness to grow. From fighting for a fashion internship to balancing being a young mom with a career, Haley uses her gut to decide what’s right for her. 


Alex Dunphy – Slytherin



Alex Dunphy’s drive to achieve success and her desire to be the best Sort her into Slytherin. She takes great pride in being book smart, works hard to be co-valedictorian, and cherishes the academic awards that she has won. However, at times, we see this pressure alienate Alex from her peers and leave her feeling misunderstood. She is independent and witty, and she adds a unique dynamic to the Dunphy family.


Luke Dunphy – Gryffindor



Luke, the youngest Dunphy sibling, always makes us laugh. Whether it’s getting his head stuck in the banister, thinking up fun ideas with his dad, or providing random comedic relief, his character is always thinking outside the box. In his dad’s own words, “Some people ask ‘Why?’ Luke asks, ‘Why not?'” This trait – and his fearless authenticity – put Luke in Gryffindor. 


Dylan Marshall – Hufflepuff



While not born a Dunphy, Dylan Marshall has been part of the family’s journey since Episode 1 and officially becomes a Dunphy in Season 10 when he marries Haley. He is a genuinely kind, warm, free spirit who wears his heart on his sleeve. From being a limo driver to a Disney Dapper Dan to a nurse, he is open-minded to the different paths life can take. This makes Dylan a true Hufflepuff. 



Do you agree with our Modern Family Hogwarts House Sortings? Stay tuned for Part 2, featuring more of your favorite characters! 

Alyssa McHugh

Harry Potter has been a big part of my life since the age of nine. The stories and characters have helped me fight my own personal dementors. In my Muggle time, I enjoy blogging, reading fantasy novels, attending festivals, listening to music, and hanging out with my two cats!