Ten Things We Want to See in the “Harry Potter” Reboot

The eight Harry Potter films were fantastic adaptations of the beloved books. However, there were still many plot points that had to be excluded for time. The upcoming Harry Potter TV show will have a longer time to include more details from the books, and we’re hoping that means they’ll include these ten things we didn’t get to see fleshed out in the films.


Ron’s Personality



Ron’s character in the films often gets relegated to the comic sidekick instead of the brave, valued, and caring friend he is in the books. Plenty of his lines are often given to Hermione instead, which takes away from Ron’s growth and character development and keeps him in the role of the sidekick. The reboot show is the perfect chance to give Ron the deeper characterization he deserves. 


Cleaning 12 Grimmauld Place



Cleaning the Order’s headquarters did take a good chunk of the massive Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, so it’s understandable why the filmmakers cut this scene. But this sequence would have also revealed that the trio had discovered Slytherin’s locket before they knew its significance. It’d be nice to see this on screen, along with the interesting hazards presented by magical cleaning (Doxies, anyone?).


Dumbledore’s Prophecy Explanation



We’re surprised this part was cut from the film, given the importance of the prophecy in the series. Even the basic explanation of the prophecy was rushed over in the films, and the audience was not given enough information on why Voldemort chose to go after Harry in the first place.


Ginny’s Characterization



In the books, Ginny is a fiery and feisty character. She is likable because she is witty and smart, and she stands up for those who perhaps can’t stand up for themselves. But in the movie, her screen time is drastically reduced so that she becomes a background character who is defined more by her relationship with Harry than by her own actions and personality. Like Ron, she could benefit from the added time to develop her character that a show could provide.


Voldemort’s History



Another casualty of the films’ time constraints was the majority of the Pensieve scenes in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince showing Voldemort’s history. Omitting these scenes was a mistake because of how they would have filled out Voldemort’s background, how this influenced who he became, and his history with the Horcruxes. We’d love to see more depth to Voldemort this time around.


Dumbledore’s Funeral



The wand-raising memorial in the film after Dumbledore’s death was beautiful, but seeing all the many creatures and characters who were there for Dumbledore’s funeral and seeing the impact he had on others would have been preferable. We hope the reboot gives us that chance.


Fred’s Death



In the books, Fred’s death was such a sudden, shocking event following a heartwarming reconciliation between several of the Weasley brothers, which made his death even more devastating. Seeing the aftermath instead of the actual event in the films just didn’t have the same impact. This one might hurt, but it’d be nice if the new show gives this scene the justice it deserves.


Ron and Hermione’s First Kiss



They are a favorite Harry Potter couple, so of course we want to see more of Ron and Hermione. We loved seeing their maturation and progression from friends to more than that over the series, so it’s hard to pick just one moment for them. But their first kiss was a major, defining moment in their relationship. Plus, Ron was advocating for the House-elves, something Hermione did for years, which made it even more meaningful – so we’d love to see this the way it happened in the books.


Dumbledore’s Background



Dumbledore’s questionable background with Grindelwald and everything that happened with his family was such a surprise. Up until that point, we knew Dumbledore as a noble and incredible man. Reading about his imperfections and mistakes humanized him a bit and demonstrated that nobody’s perfect, something that we didn’t get a chance to see much in the films. 


Voldemort’s Death



Voldemort was supposed to have a relatively boring, mortal death. In the books, his ordinary death proved that, despite everything he did, he was still human. His extraordinary movie death, where he dissolved into bits of Voldemort-dust, contradicted this. Hopefully, we’ll get a better sense of finality in the reboot.


Are there any other scenes you want to see in the reboot? Let us know in the comments!

Minal Daswani

I entered the wizarding world in 2006, and haven’t left. In my Muggle time, I enjoy reading, bingeing TV shows, baking, and travellng.