Sorting “Star Trek: Voyager” Characters into Their Hogwarts Houses

Star Trek: Voyager sent its crew where no one had gone before: the Delta Quadrant. Far from home and manned by a crew from both Starfleet and the Maquis resistance – plus a few new friends – Voyager explored uncharted territory, forcing the characters to adapt to new situations with little guidance. What Hogwarts Houses do they belong in?


Captain Kathryn Janeway – Gryffindor



Even when she perhaps should, Captain Janeway is loath to abandon her principles. She insists on adhering to Federation values and procedures even when far from Federation space. Sometimes that means making sacrifices, but she’s willing to put herself on the line to do what she believes is right. A starship captain has to make difficult choices, even when her decisions may be unpopular (but she was right about Tuvix). Janeway’s got a knack for leadership, and all she has to say is “do it.” Somebody get this woman some coffee!


Commander Chakotay – Hufflepuff



Janeway’s first officer is more willing to entertain the idea of giving up on making it home and settling in the Delta Quadrant. While the captain is all determination, Chakotay looks to make the best of a bad situation. As a former Starfleet officer as well as Maquis resistance leader, he’s often responsible for making sure everyone can work together, which can be quite the task. Luckily, Chakotay is fair-minded, having joined the Maquis because he thought their cause was just. He’s also deeply loyal and devoted to his captain, both professionally and personally.


Lieutenant Commander Tuvok – Ravenclaw



It’s difficult to find a Vulcan who isn’t a Ravenclaw. Tuvok, like most of his species, values logic above all else. This comes through in both his work as chief security officer and his leisure time, which he spends on pursuits such as meditation and the logic game kal-toh. His wisdom comes from both logic and experience. He is over a century old and has had a long Starfleet career, including teaching at the Academy, as well as a life back on his home planet, where he raised a family, showing a willingness to try new things.


Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres – Gryffindor



As a half-Klingon and former resistance fighter, B’Elanna never backs down from a challenge. She knows her way around a warp core and dares anyone to disagree with her expert opinion. Don’t get into a fight with her unless you’re prepared to be both physically and emotionally destroyed – but that aggression comes from passion and a lifetime of fighting prejudice.


Lieutenant Tom Paris – Gryffindor



Pilots love action, and Tom Paris is no exception. He’s always eager to try a risky new maneuver but isn’t the best at following orders, even getting a temporary demotion for his disobedience, though his intentions were noble. He’s confident, adventurous, and quite the charmer, winning the heart of perhaps Voyager‘s toughest nut to crack, Chief Engineer B’Elanna Torres.


Ensign Harry Kim – Hufflepuff



Poor Harry – always an ensign, never a lieutenant, even after seven years of loyal service. Only a Hufflepuff could be so overlooked! He’s usually a by-the-book kind of officer, eager to please and willing to put in the work, often on night shifts, which give him the rare chance of being the commanding officer. It’s not power he’s after but a chance to prove his worth. When he does stray from the line of duty, he often gets in more trouble than others since the captain expects so much of him.


The Doctor – Ravenclaw



The Doctor is a true Renaissance man – or hologram, rather. In addition to his programmed medical prowess, he excels at art and music and is always looking to broaden his creative and emotional horizons. Sometimes, he becomes a little too engrossed in his own pursuits, unaware that his audience isn’t quite as invested.


Seven of Nine – Slytherin



Severed from the Borg collective and still learning about her own humanity, Seven can’t help but strive for perfection. She’s hyper-focused on her goals, often forgoing rest and nourishment unless absolutely necessary. Always seeing herself as a member of a collective, she aims to provide exemplary service to Voyager and its crew.


Neelix – Hufflepuff



He loves cooking, looks out for everyone, and makes friends wherever he goes – he’s a Puff! Neelix is Voyager‘s resident social butterfly (Talaxian), and even stoic Tuvok is not immune to his charms. There’s a reason he serves as the ship’s morale officer – he wants to put smiles on everyone’s faces.


Kes – Hufflepuff



Kes always cares for others, right down to her departure from Voyager, when she uses her transformation to help the ship progress on its long journey. In her time on board, she serves as the Doctor’s assistant, stepping in where more hands are needed, often with a better bedside manner. She also oversees the plants in the airponics bay (basically Herbology). At only a few years old – as a member of a race that only lives until nine – and having been rescued by Neelix, Kes has a natural innocence and instinct to help others.


How did the Sorting Hat do?

Laurie Beckoff

My Harry Potter journey began in 2000 when I was six and continued through a bachelor's thesis and master's dissertation on medievalism in the series. I'm a Gryffindor from New York City with a passion for theatre, fantasy, Arthurian legend, and science fiction.