A Step by Step Guide on How to Become an Animagus

An Animagus in Harry Potter lore refers to a wizard or a witch who can transform into an animal, and back, at will. There are various remarkable Animagi in the universe such as Minerva McGonagall, Sirius Black, James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Rita Skeeter, etc. An Animagus should register themselves in the Animagus registry to avoid Azkaban. The marauders and Rita Skeeter were unregistered Animagi.




If a wizard or witch like you also wants to transform into an animal at your wish, you have to follow the steps written below. But, a warning message here is that becoming an Animagus is challenging, troublesome, and difficult.

To transform into an animal at command and will, one must be familiar with and proficient in transfiguration and potions. This will help carry out this complicated process. 


Step 1: Suck on a mandragora leaf for a whole month

Place a single mandrake leaf in your mouth from one full moon to another. Be cautious, do not swallow or discard the leaf from your mouth at any time, or otherwise, you have to begin again and place a new leaf in your mouth. The leaves of mandrakes are used in the potion which helps revive the ones who have been petrified and transfigured. The mandragora leaf may be used here to help the wizard or witch return to their human selves after the transformation.


Step 2: Find a crystal phial

And not just a normal crystal phial, but the one that has bathed in the pure rays of the moon. There must be some significance for using crystal other than “a crystal phial looks nice and beautiful”. While looking through a crystal, you will always observe that a double image appears. This may symbolize the human and animal form of a soul. Add the drenched leaf and your hair into it. The hair is used in the process as it counts as a part of yourself and adds your DNA into it, like in the preparation of the polyjuice potion.


Sirius Black


Step 3: Add a silver teaspoon of dew for seven days

The dew should be pure, unscorched, and untouched by the sunlight as well as human touch. In the process of formation of dew, the vapor form of water condenses into its liquid form. The same happens while transforming into an Animagus, one form of a soul mutates into another.


Step 4: Add chrysalis of Death’s head hawk moth

If catching dew wasn’t hard on its own, you have to add a chrysalis of Death’s head hawk moth to the crystal phial. The cocoon here highlights the transformation or metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. This symbolizes the metamorphosis or changes that will occur during the transformation of a human into an animal. Leave this blend of a phial in a dark, cool, and quiet place until the next electrical storm. You have to stop looking at it or even thinking about it. You are still thinking about it! Stop it immediately, or it won’t work!


Step 5: A spell every sunrise and sunset

While waiting for the storm, point the tip of your wand to your heart and spell Amato Animo Animato Animagus every sunrise and sunset. The spell is quite a tongue twister and may emphasize the difficulty and complexity of becoming an Animagus. The etymology of the spell resides in Latin, the word Amato roots from “amo” which means “I love to”. Similarly, the word Animo means “breeze” or “breathe” and Animato refers to the “excitement of spirit or life”. Animagus conjugates from words meaning “animal” and “magician”. Hence, the spell would translate as “I love to breathe the spark of spirit in me and be an animal wizard”. If you keep repeating the spell over and over, you might start hearing a second heartbeat from your chest at some time. Keep waiting for the storm and repeating the spell repeatedly every sunrise and sunset.


Rita Skeeter


Step 6: Finally, the lightning strikes

We are finally there, do not give up now! When the sky appears grey and lightning finally strikes, move to the place where you have hidden the crystal phial. Cross your fingers! Because if you have followed all the steps clearly your crystal phial will contain a blood-red potion. It is indeed red! Move to an isolated and safe place so no one gets startled or unsafe.


Step 7: The spell one last time

It’s the final countdown! Be patient and have courage! Remember to not remove your clothes or otherwise you will be re-emerging naked. Your garments and accessories will melt into fur or spikes. Point the tip of your wand to your heart and enunciate the incantation Amato Animo Animato Animagus and drink the blood-red potion from the phial. You will experience a stinging and flaming pain and a ferocious double heartbeat.


Step 8: It is complete!

The creature you will transform into will come into your mind first. Do not panic or show fear! You will transform into an animal at last.


Step 9: To become human again

After completing your transformation, secure your wand at a safe location. To convert back to your human self, envision your human form clearly. It will take practice to master transformation without a wand but hey practice makes purrfect!

What do you think your Animagus form would be? Let us know in the comments. 


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