Category: The Magic Quill

The Magic Quill #177: Werewolf Puppy Mills

Thanks for your patience, as this chapter took a record 3 months to pull together. My prognostication, back in September, that it was going to come out in record time, goes to show that I probably have Trelawney blood! I am fairly confident that the time-management crisis that curtailed my creative writing for a few months is now behind me (more or less), so I hope you can expect a few more Quills in 2011!

The Magic Quill #175: The Hag Bride

by Robbie Fischer Contest winner: TWZRD Runner-up: Joe Harvey found himself in the Great Hall at Hogwarts, standing just below the dais where the head table belonged. Instead of the house tables, rows of...

The Magic Quill #174: Surfer Mice

by Robbie Fischer Contest winner: Evensong Runner-up: Linda Carrig Merlin and Miss Pucey legged it. In their mouths the slightly medicinal, herbal tang of Turbo Gum (tiny lozenge-shaped chicle drops made to Signor Subito’s...

The Magic Quill #169: Bernie Landstein

by Robbie Fischer Contest winner: Dragonic Runner-up: TWZRD The rehearsal of the Blastburn Philharmonic was not going well even before the guest conductor called a 30-minute break and stormed offstage, muttering and clutching his...

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