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Harry and Ginny in Half Blood Prince

She Will Be Loved

Harry is in love with Ginny, and so he wrote a song about it inspired by this golden hit by Maroon 5.

Hogwarts Express

Hoggy-Hogwarts Train

If you were headed off for your first year at Hogwarts, well, it might be difficult to rein in the excitement.

Hey Draco Malfoy

Are you one of the many, many readers in love with mini-Malfoy? Check out this parody of “Hey There Delilah.”

A Very Harry Christmas

It’s many people’s favorite time of the year – why not make it a “Potter” time, too?

Lily Evans Potter

Harry’s Mom

This parody submission is the perfect song for Severus Snape… I mean, for any “Potter” fans who love Lily Evans Potter.

Luna and Harry


The Hogwarts witches may be wild about Harry Potter, but he’s oblivious as ever.