CC #001: Week of October 20, 2002

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‘These tight pants are killing me…but don’t I look great in them?’

‘I’m a little teapot, short and stout…’
-Jen, Laura and Isabelle

‘My pants are too tight, this glove is irritating, and I’ve got too much mousse in my hair. Now, I’m going to tell you one more time:Get that camera out of here before I get all medieval on you!

‘Just as a I suspected, I look very good when I do this!’

‘Someone get the camera–this would make a great photo for my next book!’

‘Does this pose make me look sexy?

‘…Now, everyone, stand back; I am going to attempt to cure Eloise Midgen’s acne…’

‘My name is Gilderoy Lockhart. You killed my father–Prepare to die.’

*Slurred*’Ohhh beee nice, you meeeaaan old maannn…’

‘…And if I hear one more joke from anybody about my trousers, you’ll find yourself in Flying With The Pixies before you can say Expelliarmus!





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