CC #004: Week of November 10, 2002

Week of November 10, 2002

‘I feel like we’ve forgotten something….KEVIN!!!’

‘Er, Harry… there should be a perfectly good explanation for what they’re doing in that train, right?’

Ron: Is it just me, or does the gauge say we’re out of gas?!
Harry: We can’t be out of gas, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to fly.
Car: Splutter… pop… splutter
Both: AHHH!

‘Oh, you, pretty Chitty Bang-Bang…Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang we love you……’

Harry: Ron… hit the brakes!
Ron: WHAT brakes?!?

Flying Car ———- $40,000
Owl ——————- $300
Owl’s cage ——— $150
Running out of fuel above a wide canyon… Priceless

Ron: Aragog?!
Aragog: ‘Sorry, wrong scene…’

‘I think I left the oven on!’

‘Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need ‘roads’…

Ron: Harry, would you be frightened if I told you that the steering wheel won’t turn and there’s a red Mustang convertible headed straight for us?

‘Oh no! Richard Simmons! Where’s a killer Bludger when you need one?!’

‘Harry, if we crash, and can’t find our way to safety… do you mind if we eat Hedwig?’

‘Ron, watch out–deer!

‘When did Dumbledore borrow your Nimbus?’

‘Wow! Harry, look…I expect it’s Clipocter, isn’t it – Dad told me!’

‘Let’s rehearse that slug scene again! What? We’re still rolling?
-Eric (Staff)

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