Twitter Round up: LeakyCon London

After years of great conventions in the US, LeakyCon finally made its way over to Europe this week with the first ever LeakyCon London. To mark the occassion, this week’s Twitter round up is a LeakyCon special!

The convention got off to a great start with a visit to the WB Studio Tour, kept open specially for LeakyCon attendees.

The next day saw the epic Welcoming Ceremony, featuring performances from Hank Green and StarKid.

Throughout the con, the special guests were kind enough to give us a sneak-peek behind the scenes.

Someone seems to have taken a little detour outside the convention.

All good things must come to an end but not before a great send off!

For those who couldn’t make it, here is a shot of the handwritten message from a special someone placed in everyone’s goodie bags.

To see more tweets from the week, check out the hashtag LeakyCon.

Did you make it to LeakyCon London or Portland? What were your highlights?

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