Show off your artwork in “Kill Your Darlings” art exhibition; attend opening with Daniel Radcliffe!

In honor of Daniel Radcliffe’s film, Kill Your Darlings, a cut up art exhibition is being held in London, and your submissions are needed! The cut up technique was used by the Beat Generation poets, including Allen Ginsberg, who is portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe in the film. It involves physically cutting up an original text into pieces with a word or a few words on each piece and rearranging the pieces into a new text.

Your artwork can be based on whatever creative inspirations you have! Submit an image of your work to the Kill Your Darlings UK Facebook page by Sunday, November 17 for a chance to have it included in the exhibition, and to attend the opening. The artwork will be projected across various London locations from November 21-23, and Daniel Radcliffe himself will be launching the exhibition!

For more information go to the announcement from Little White Lies magazine. Will you be submitting your artwork? Let us know in the comments what creative inspirations you’d like to use!

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