Similarities between Harry Potter and Batman

Similarities between Harry Potter and Batman

…and it’s not the low scratchy voice!

  1. Both have witnessed the deaths of their parents (Harry as an infant in his home; Bruce as a young child outside an opera house)
  2. Both inherited wealth from their parents (Harry’s parents left him a vault of their savings; Bruce’s parents left him bonds)
  3. Both have impressive means of transportation (Harry’s broomstick; Bruce’s batmobile)
  4. Both fight against the forces of evil (Harry vs. Voldemort and his Death Eaters; Batman vs. the corrupt city of Gotham.)
  5. Both have wise old mentors (Harry has Dumbledore; Bruce has Alfred.)
  6. Both have corrupt governments (Harry & the Ministry of Magic (as it stands under Scrimgeour); Bruce & Gotham City)
  7. Both have recognizable trademarks (Harry’s lightning bolt; Bruce’s bat silhouette)
  8. Both have two sidekicks- one girl and one guy (Ron and Hermione; Robin and Batgirl.)
  9. Both have learned to overcome their greatest fears (Harry faces dementors several times; Bruce has become Batman)
  10. Both want to follow the footsteps of their fathers (Harry looks up to James and wants to be a member of the Order just like his dad; Bruce looks up to his father, who used his wealth to try to make Gotham a better place.
  11. Actor Gary Oldman is in both movies (He plays Sirius Black in the Harry Pottermovies; He plays Jim Gordon in The Dark Knight Trilogy

Submitted by: Nicole and Danielle

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