Similarities between Harry Potter and Batman

…and it’s not the low scratchy voice!

  1. Both have witnessed the deaths of their parents (Harry as an infant in his home; Bruce as a young child outside an opera house)
  2. Both inherited wealth from their parents (Harry’s parents left him a vault of their savings; Bruce’s parents left him bonds)
  3. Both have impressive means of transportation (Harry’s broomstick; Bruce’s batmobile)
  4. Both fight against the forces of evil (Harry vs. Voldemort and his Death Eaters; Batman vs. the corrupt city of Gotham.)
  5. Both have wise old mentors (Harry has Dumbledore; Bruce has Alfred.)
  6. Both have corrupt governments (Harry & the Ministry of Magic (as it stands under Scrimgeour); Bruce & Gotham City)
  7. Both have recognizable trademarks (Harry’s lightning bolt; Bruce’s bat silhouette)
  8. Both have two sidekicks- one girl and one guy (Ron and Hermione; Robin and Batgirl.)
  9. Both have learned to overcome their greatest fears (Harry faces dementors several times; Bruce has become Batman)
  10. Both want to follow the footsteps of their fathers (Harry looks up to James and wants to be a member of the Order just like his dad; Bruce looks up to his father, who used his wealth to try to make Gotham a better place.
  11. Actor Gary Oldman is in both movies (He plays Sirius Black in the Harry Pottermovies; He plays Jim Gordon in The Dark Knight Trilogy

Submitted by: Nicole and Danielle

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