Twitter Roundup: Good riddance January!

It’s February!

So what to do at the start of this mini month?

Perhaps hit up a live show in San Francisco TONIGHT!

Or soak in the creative genius of MinaLima, down in Old London Town.

If you fancy staying in, why not watch Jessie Cave’s latest creation?

Or you could team up with Rankin and join Sherlock’s Network

And if you’re feeling particularly flush after payday, you could also nab tickets to LeakyCon Orlando!

It is now time for the obligatory awards season nod.

Do-gooder of the week goes, once again, to Bonnie Wright.

Dictionary app begun the week exceptionally well!

And to close, here is the best picture of Jim Broadbent, dressed as Santa Claus, that you will see all weekend.

We’ll be back next week with more Twitter gossip, but if you fancy staying tuned to the Potter lot’s general goings on all week, you can subscribe to our specially curated cast and crew Twitter list right here. Till next time!

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