Daniel Radcliffe radio highlights, plus watch Daniel surprise some fans

As Daniel Radcliffe continues to promote his latest film What If, he was in Los Angeles this week, appearing on radio, as well as taking part in a rather special screening of the film.

On Ryan Seacrest’s radio show in LA, Daniel spoke about London, future projects, Harry Potter, and his age, as well as his love of Sharknado, and was surprised by the arrival of actress Tara Reid. Check out a video of the interview here:

While in the southern California area, Daniel also stopped by Santa Monica’s KCRW radio, where he spoke about five songs that inspire him and appeared on their Guest DJ project.

On the show, Daniel spoke about his favorite music:

All of my musical influences came from three people until I was about 14. It was my dad who introduced me to Bowie and T-Rex, my dresser on Potter, Will, who introduced me to punk and then actually my driver on Potter, who drove me for the ten years as well on most films, was a guy called Peter who introduced me to the ’60s, basically.

So until I was 14, I was just kind of listening to all of that, and I hadn’t ever really discovered new music that was from my generation. I remember thinking, ‘who is the British band I can really get behind’, and suddenly I heard “Up the Bracket”, which is the Libertines’ first album.

And it was just like, they were the S*x Pistols of my generation, I think in some ways. They are a much more lyrical band; they’re a much more romantic band than the S*x Pistols, but they do have the same kind of chaotic, anarchic energy.

He further commented,

I always use music to prepare for my work, which you can put down to lack of training, but it is very instant; music can take you immediately to a different emotional state, and that’s why it is very useful for my job, and recently Perfume Genius have become my go-to.

Daniel’s chosen track list:

1. Lou Reed – “Walk on the Wild Side”
2. The S*x Pistols – “EMI”
3. The Libertines – “Time for Heroes”
4. Pixies – “Broken Face”
5. Perfume Genius – “Hood”

Listen to the full show, and read a transcript here.

Finally, after being surprised by Tara Reid on Ryan Seacrest’s show, Daniel did some surprising of his own this week. At a screening of What If, Daniel introduced himself to lucky fans who thought that they were there just for a post screening interview. Check out the really cute video below:

Have you had a chance to see What If, yet? Let us know your thoughts below!

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  • Megan Hockman

    This is a dream!!! I’m actually in mugglenet!!! Thank you so much for posting this amazing experience on your website!!! I can’t believe this is actually happening!!! Thank you buzzfeed for making a true die hard Harry potter fans dream come true!

    • Sophie

      It’s a pleasure! Were you one of the fans in the video?! That’s awesome! It must have been such an amazing experience! x

      • Megan Hockman

        Yes I was I’m the girl in red. It was the literally the best thing to ever happen to me and now to be on mugglenet just tops it off. 😀

        • Sophie

          Oh that’s wonderful. Yeah, I bet it was amazing!