First pictures emerge from the set of “The Casual Vacancy”!

It was just about two months ago that we posted the cast list for the long-awaited adaptation of The Casual Vacancy, and now the first pictures from the set have arrived! The images feature Sir Michael Gambon, Julia McKenzie, Hetty Banes, Keely Forsyth, Abigail Lawrie, and Rory Kinnear!

Before you scroll through the gallery, here’s a quick reminder of which characters each actor is playing in the adaptation:

Sir Michael Gambon – Howard Mollison
Julia McKenzie – Shirley Mollison
Hetty Banes – Maureen Lowe
Keeley Forsyth – Terri Weedon
Abigail Lawrie – Krystal Weedon
Rory Kinnear – Barry Fairbrother

You can read the original articles here and here.

Are you excited to see this adaptation? What do you think of the casting choices after seeing these characters in costume? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Jonathon Asuna Leafa Richards

    i have to admit i think there going to stray from the book here just going by the pictures in the book terri never once met with barry

    • Guest

      These are on-set photos. This is no indication of what is going to happen or who is going to meet whom. Michael Gambon might have been talking to Rory Kinnear off-camera.

    • Casiquire

      Sorry, I misread your comment and deleted my reply! But I think it’s understood that at some point Barry and Terri must have met considering Krystal’s on the rowing team. I’d bet there’s a lot of backstory that’s difficult to translate to TV so there might have to be some changes.

      • Jonathon Asuna Leafa Richards

        if it’s a change to the story then i hope it’s one that makes sense maybe it’s something jk wanted to put into a sequel but of course that’s not happening.

  • alex

    Barry Fairbrother doesn’t look like he’s associated with the church at all and looks like a random bum.

  • Nicole Gauvreau

    I wonder if Gambon actually read this book.

  • Rita Skeeter

    Gambon’s character is supposed to be severely obese. Ffs is he going to change the nature of any more JK Rowling characters?