“Harry Potter” continues to influence baby name choices

A new list of popular baby names in the UK for 2013 has been released this week. Harry continues to remain near the top of the table of boy’s names – at No. 3 – thanks to the popularity Prince Harry and Harry Potter himself.

The top 10 for boys’ names reads as follows:

  1. Oliver
  2. Jack
  3. Harry
  4. Jacob
  5. Charlie
  6. Thomas
  7. Oscar
  8. William
  9. James
  10. George

Meanwhile, further down the list, the Guardian reports that

Harry Potter also appears to continue to inspire choices, with three girls named Bellatrix in 2013.

While perhaps a surprising, and unusual, choice of name due to the nature of Bellatrix Lestrange’s character in the novels, it remains clear that Harry Potter continues to make an impact!

The Guardian further reports that both Sirius and Draco have featured in the past. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) there were three baby Dracos in 2011, three baby Siriuses in 2005, and four in 2010. On this trend for Potter names, the ONS comments that

While it is harder to see the impact that J.K. Rowling’s books have had on the popularity of Harry and Ron, it is clear to see the impact of her more inventive names. It is also worth remembering that ONS does not publish names given to 1 or 2 babies, so if you know a Tonks, Marvolo or Regulus that’s probably why they don’t make the list.

Find out more about the list here and here.

Do you know anyone with a Harry Potter-inspired name? What names from the books would you pick out? Would you choose Bellatrix? Let us know your thoughts, and tell us your stories in the comments!

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  • Winkyxx

    Who was named Jacob?!

    • Badass Extraordinaire

      That’s just the top 10 in general. The article is saying that the popularity of the name Harry is possibly influenced by Harry Potter and Prince Harry.

  • heidi8

    Well, I did name my eldest child Harry. Over fifteen years ago, right after Prisoner of Azkaban came out. (He says hi.)

  • ravenclaw_chic

    One of my friends name was longbottom(his last name) so his parents called him neville.