J.K. Rowling writes personal letter to Cassidy Stay

We posted last month about the remarkable resilience of Cassidy Stay, the 15-year-old who witnessed the murder of her entire family and went on to quote Dumbledore at their memorial service. Now, J.K. Rowling has sent a special letter to this very brave girl.

After Stay’s inspiring speech, a Facebook group called “We Want J.K. Rowling to Meet Cassidy Stay” was started, which now has over 4,000 Likes. Now, just under a month since Cassidy’s horrific experience, she has received a package from Rowling, which contains a signed copy of Prisoner of Azkaban – the book Cassidy quoted from – and a personal letter containing several paragraphs written from the perspective of Albus Dumbledore.

According to the “We Want J.K. Rowling to Meet Cassidy Stay” Facebook page, the letter was written in purple ink, and Cassidy also received a wand, an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, and a school supply list.

Although this generous gift of Jo’s will not bring Cassidy’s family back, we hope Dumbledore was able to offer some words of comfort. Stay strong, Cassidy!

You can read the original article here.

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  • Winkyxx

    so sweet!

  • Tina Surdi Meeker

    She is a classy lady!

  • Kiran

    My condolences to Cassidy, and I hope this care package offers her much needed support in rough times.

  • John Rutherford

    I’m so thrilled that JKR saw her speech on television and did something. I hope that the comfort that Harry brings us all helps her especially in these most trying of times.

  • Prayers for Cassidy

    My condolences to Cassidy. Prayers are much more suited in my opinion for such a needless tragedy. I’ll not be silent on the fact that witchcraft support is not needed for this young girl. Purple ink & a wand? Ok.. God bless…

    • Prayers for Cassidy

      I am also alarmed seeing red flags at someone arriving at her family’s funeral laughing and using the satanic sign with her hand. Really, Cassidy? Cry me a river on that, and I’ll still keep you in my prayers & best wishes. Fool me once, my fault. Prayers for her family. God bless.

      • Jay

        Your “satanic sign” is ASL for “I love you”.

        Now, please apologize for your classless “cry me a river”. Thank you.

      • Casiquire

        The characters in the Harry Potter series clearly provided some healing for her. Also show me the quote in the Bible that mentions that “satanic sign”. Not there? Great, then I don’t care about your opinion regarding its meaning. And those characters I mentioned earlier that provided healing are Christian-inspired, which you would have known if you knew anything about the series before commenting. Really why are you even on a Harry Potter fansite?