“Vogue” interview with Daniel Radcliffe

Vogue has just released a brand new interview with Daniel Radcliffe. The interview consists of 73 quick-fire questions with Dan, except it isn’t your usual straightforward interview. The questions asked include what he would call his autobiography, whether he prefers screen or stage, his favorite musical, which movie he would love to star in, which TV show he’d love to cameo in, and much more!

Make sure you keep watching until the end!

Check the interview out below:

Did you enjoy watching the interview? Let us know your thoughts and what you think about the interview and Dan’s answers!

What If is out in US theaters now and UK theaters later this month.

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  • Heidi

    so funny! i love him.

  • Ray

    Lol! This is great, but I wish he mentioned Harry Potter more.. It’s like he’s lost all his amazing Britishness he had in HP (I’d know because I’m British!)

  • Icelander

    Wow, talk about trying way too hard! :p

    Oh, and a big minus to Dan for his “Who picks kittens?!” remark, that’s just not cool.