Rumor control: A Pottermore Christmas

It seems that media outlets all over the world have taken pages out of Rita Skeeter’s playbook. In the excitement over Pottermore’s announcement last week, incorrect information was made available to the public, confusing fans as to what will actually be released from the site and J.K. Rowling beginning on December 12.

As we reported when the Pottermore Insider announced the special Christmas event on the site, more Moments and entries will appear in Half-Blood Prince, in addition to new potions and other surprises. J.K. Rowling will NOT be releasing 12 short stories as indicated by other media sources. Our own Eric Scull appeared on Radio New Zealand on the Morning Report this week to put the rumor of short stories to rest – you can listen to his interview on our press page here.

This rumor continued to be passed from outlet to outlet, until Pottermore felt they had to address it. Take a look at the post from the site today, meant to squash those Rita Skeeter-sized rumors, most likely created with the help of a Quick Quotes Quill!

Pottermore Statement

Just to put everyone straight on the misleading media reports of ‘Twelve New Stories for Christmas’. As true Potter fans worked out straight away, our 12 days of festive surprises and accompanying rhyming riddles refer to new potions and Moments in addition to several new entries by J.K. Rowling that will be posted on between 12th and 23rd December. Sorry to disappoint fans, but there will not be a set of 12 new short stories, one for each day of Christmas. Even Pottermore wouldn’t be that generous.

Posted by Pottermore Editor on Monday, December 08, 2014

This is not the first time the media has taken a morsel given to fans about the Harry Potter universe and transfigured the crumb into a full-on Hogwarts feast. We have addressed this very topic in our editorial, found in the Quibbler!

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